Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 7

Dec 7, 2020

    1. Hello! It's been a while since I've visited this thread. It's nice to see people are still sharing their DODs, I miss the company so much. :pout:

      Just thought to share a photo of Maddox, my DOD Crush. I haven't done anything new to him lately since he's been in storage (He used to be the shell of one of my characters until I reshelled him a few years ago). It's only this year that I put him on my spare SD13 body to become the doll that he is today. I never really thought the hybrid would work out, but it surprisingly looks cute. :3nodding:

      by Jan, on Flickr

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    2. What a cutie! And his eyes are amazing!

      Welcome (back) to the thread. :kitty2

    3. Sorry, I’m on mobile and had trouble find the original post because my phone is dumb @[email protected]

      If it’s actual mohair, human hair conditioner works well :) I actually have some leave in hair conditioner I use on all my alpaca/mohair wigs and it does wonders for flyaways. It’s by Aussie, called ‘Hair Insurance’ and comes in a purple spray bottle :)
    4. @shinkei So handsome! His eyes are amazing!

      @Ryuichi Sakuma 13 @Sephora Good shout, should work since it's actual organic hair! I will check what I have in my stash. My own hair is curly and pretty dry, so all my leave-ins tend to be quite heavy!
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    5. :sumomo: For anyone who is looking for it: Dream of Doll Archive Dropbox!

      @shinkei He's gorgeous! :D Welcome, Maddox!
      @Morri_P. I use Trevor Sorbie anti-frizz spray on both my own hair and wigs, so that might help too? :)

      Customs finally released my new boy (£123 fee, yikes!), so here's Vanya :D
      He's on a creamy white Soom body and the match is surprisingly good, for anyone who might have a WS DOD to body :lol: He's got the tiniest cleft in his chin which is kind of adorable :whee: I think he'll be keeping the greeny eye colour... any suggestions on his hair colour? I'm a bit stumped personally *_*
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    6. No idea about the hair colour, just wanted to say he's gorgeous :D
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    7. Wow! Some spoiled dollies, that's a pro brand :D I never tried it, but might give it a go, I am always on the market for anti-frizz stuff.

      He is GORGEOUS! Where did he come from for the customs to be that extortionate?

      I'd say black with white streaks, a nod to classic horrors? Silly human wig to illustrate my idea:
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    8. @Morri_P. I'll be honest, I tend to only buy it on 3 for 2 in trial size when I need it, it works out a bit cheaper that way and it only needs a tiny bit on synthetic wigs at least :XD:
      He came over from America! Full price declaration and "premium" shipping so he got hit hard... I just wish they'd work a bit faster :vein I hate waiting when a parcel's sitting doing nothing. (Feeling frustrated with them today, my Calla's been "arrived at Heathrow" for nearly a week now.)

      I'll give a streaked wig a try, he's currently wearing a borrowed white wig that keeps falling off because those ears are in the way :lol:
    9. The black with white streak wig idea is brilliant!:3nodding::thumbup

      You could actually turn him into someone similar to that pic, IMVHO. I don't remember offhand if anyone actually had the guts to make a "corny vampire" before on DoA, tbh.

      Oof on the taxes, that had to hurt. :o:(:chomp: But you have a stunningly gorgeous boy to show for it, so that's something!:3nodding:

      Anyways, congrats to your new arrival, @Shido! He's a real looker! And bravo, great idea on the body choice too! Now I want to find and then turn some kind of vampire doll into a corny vampire.:evilplot::lol:

    10. Ooh, shiny new thread! :smallcake For anyone who is looking for it: Dream of Doll Archive Dropbox! [eta: added it to the Wiki now, too]

      I've started on some clothes for him and a wig cap, so even if he doesn't stay corny vampire he's getting the look for a while at least :XD: I was set a challenge for 2021 to get a group photo of all my dolls all done up so he can be immortalized in that :lol:
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    11. Aaahhh my Camine arrived home from Ticuk yesterday with his amazing new face up. It was going a bit dark but I managed to get a picture of him. His name is Henry.


      I am already in love! He has such an expressive face. I can't wait to take more pictures of him. Also he is my biggest doll so I need to make more clothes that will fit him well.

      (Btw I am silently stalking this thread and loving all your pics. I'm really late to the party with my sudden love for Dream of Doll boys, so I'm glad there are still others about enjoying these dolls)
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    12. What a cool looking boy! Congrats!

    13. thank you! :aheartbea
    14. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

      Oh wow, so handsome!

      You guys make me REALLY want a body for the boy head. I kinda accidentally named him in my head and it makes things even worse now.
    15. Good to know we enabled you! :mwahaha;)

    16. Is anyone still on the hunt for DOD dolls? I'm sad they're so rare now! I'd love to own more DOTs, but it's looking like a longshot.
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    17. @Insane-Chan I definitely am actively hunting ️ I have a super-long wishlist, and basically always have done. Difference is I have more disposable income than I did when I first joined the hobby - if they were still around I'd be a permanent fixture in the WR :lol:

      @Morri_P. If I spot any suitable bodies I'll let you know :mwahaha

      Now for me to ask a question for a change, my 2021 goal is to get basically all of my dolls "finished" (wigged, clothed etc). Should I just post in the gallery or do I start a project journal for progress? *_* I'm planning on doing most of the work myself rather than buying everything, got 6 wig caps and a pile of half-finished clothes on my workbench already :eek:
    18. Whatever you decide, I shall follow and cheer for you!

      Thanks for looking out
    19. I guess it depends...but if you're doing everything from scratch, I think it's nice to have some before and after progress shots so you can see how your dolls came to life bit by bit!
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