Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 7

Dec 7, 2020

    2. @Shido: Thank you so muchhhhh <3 <3 <3

      @Ouja Akuma: Sorry I made a mistake...the couple was Twinkey&TwinB, not Too&Bee. I didn't read carefully before I told you about them. My bad :doh

      Anyway, here's the link. There is also a Black Code No.2 is being sale in this group. I hope you and everyone can find all your dream dolls soon ^^


      (Please delete the brackets)

      Again, I'm really sorry for giving you false hope:(
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    3. @CrimsonDeath I requested to join anyway, thank you :D Would you be able to ask if the Twing-key is still available? She's on my own wishlist!
    4. Oh noooooooo. It's okay. I found someone selling a normal Too doll but Idk if I'll snatch him up. Especially since Bee is just a head and I'm wanting the full body set if possible.
      One day I'll find my twins. T_T
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    5. Sure! PM me your Facebook ID, I'll help you to contact her ^^

      @Ouja Akuma: I'll tell you right away if I found any of them.
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    6. Done! :D
    7. @Shido Could you link me the archive for the DoD website? I want to look at I-ra's sales page again because somebody is going to put her for auction soon and I'm just freaking out, lol. They also said they had a Elf Ducan among others!
    8. @ryuunohime Dropbox here! Internet Archive of the original DOD listing here!
      I saw her post on FB as well, so I'll be stalking a few of those auctions as well :chomp: I'm 100% after the Tender Shall but I wouldn't say to I-ra myself!

      I'm lurking on here while busy working on another update for the archive, frustratingly most of the later doll releases don't have any dates to attach to them :sigh I have a good few "around x date".

      [edited to add webpage link]
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    9. Thank you! Bookmarked now. :)

      And yes...I know these auctions are going to be intense. There are a lot of people interested in the sculpts she has. This is maybe the second I-ra I've ever seen come up on the secondhand market so I'm going to do my best not to let her get away!
    10. @ryuunohime I remember seeing a few, mostly way back in the day a year or two after she was released (wish I'd grabbed her back then, but I definitely didn't have that much disposable income :lol:). Iirc there were somewhere between 50 and 100 released in total :sweat So a lot of them have disappeared into the ether!
      That said I've only found traces of two Dark Tahlia in the eastern side of the hobby so it's clearly not impossible! :celebrate (The other one's in Russia!)
    11. Would be helpful to have the dropbox link as the first/main post on the discussion thread
    12. I did add it to one of my posts further down but it would definitely make it easier to find!
      I’ll ask Shinkei or a mod about having it added when I’m done with the update, the link may need to be changed then! :3nodding:
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    13. Can I ask for the link of the auction? I would be very grateful.
    14. As soon as they're listed they'll be posted in the thread, but I can PM them to you too :3nodding:
    15. Awwww thank you so muchhhhhh <3 <3 <3
    16. Which reminds me! There's some new listings in Japan: if anyone is after a Si (¥35,000, default faceup, wig & carrier), another Si (¥24,000, original pillows but owner faceup), a DH3 (¥14,000, default faceup) or a Camine (¥60,000, default faceup, wig & original box) give me a shout and I'll PM the links!
      And if someone does want the ¥35,000 Si I'd super appreciate the booklet with Zen on being scanned - it's one of the very few I'm missing :sweat I just can't justify buying another Si for that one thing :XD:
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    17. FWIW, someone on Reddit is selling a Shall.
      Hopefully, she's still up for sale, and someone here can snatch her up so I can see her. :XD:

    18. I'm also looking for a T. Shall ;; should have bought her back in the day :sweat
      I'm definitely set on collecting just DoD. I'm glad to see so many people still love them!
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    19. I recently took some photos of my boy Noah <3 for the doll insta.


      Does anyone else in this thread have a doll instagram that they're posting to? I always love seeing DOD owner photos, but so far I don't have many in my current instagram feed.
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    20. Noah is so beautiful (ToT) I love him so much! It was Noah that definitely solidified to me how adorable Camine is. I'll update a doll IG for sure.

      so I must admit to everyone

      It was I that bought the Y! Camine. Thank you Noah for being an inspiration ;A; )
      I'm so happy he got here so fast! I have some things coming for him in the mail, so I just threw a wig on, etc. Thanks to my bestie Insane-Chan (see above :lol:) for being there with her Camine Noah and the best support.
      Honestly he's super pink still and I'm sure he was mostly in-box, which is just fantastic. Unfortunately I love to keep my dolls out, so that may change sooner than later. The mark that was shown in the pictures on Y! is so small it isn't very noticeable at all, and I'm sure its something that either a magic erase or a light sanding will fix.

      And here he is with the fam :hug: please forgive me for the the dust/hair on some of these clothing items v___v I'm on it.


      Left to Right: Marie (Bee-A), HyeonGi (Sha), Heath (Lahoo), Amane (Petsha), UNNNAMED CAMINE, Ryou (Sha), Honey (Twing-Key)
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