Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 7

Dec 7, 2020

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you can find one someday too :D

      Nope, I had messaged them a few times just asking for the date of the auction and they decided to sell direct with my offer! With how outrageous eBay fees are now (and plus taxes) they likely are going to make more money selling directly to people. I would message them about the I-Ra! You may not get a "deal" per say, but with these rarities it doesn't even matter! The chance is the most exciting part :hug: best of luck if you decide to try!
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    2. Can anyone tell me how to I'll upload pictures here. I finally got my Too and Bee finished and want to share.
    3. They just keep breaking :...(
    4. The photo has to be hosted elsewhere (flickr, etc) and it has to be a link to the image directly, ending with .jpg or such.

      I personally use imgur, and there's the option "BBCode(Forums)" and I take the link out of it by removing the img tags. Then I click the image button on the post editor and paste the link where it says "Image URL." I hope that helps!
    5. @I<3MySD wow he looks great even if that isn't his final look! can't wait to see more of him! :XD:
    6. I finally found the current thread! XD

      Guys! I bought a full set Code 2 from Facebook this morning! I might throw up I'm so excited! He is like my grail from DOD and I was just thinking the other day 'oh he'll never come up blah blah blah' and then THERE. HE. WAS. All unsuspecting...and looking at me with eyes of: I belong in your house.

      I don't even know where I'm going to put him...

      But I love him.

      So much.

      The seller said he might be with me in like 8 days after posting. I don't think I'm emotionally ready but man...A CODE 2!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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    7. @monkeybonesmom Flickr is a lot easier for the photo hosting - your Instagram is set to private so it wouldn't show anyway :sweat

      @The Narrative Nerd Congrats! :D Code 02 is a lovely boy!
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    8. @The Narrative Nerd ooh congrats! thats super exciting!! :love

      My Shall arrived today!! I'm looking forward to unboxing her when I get home!
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    9. So happy for all of you getting new DoD beauties! Can't wait for pics! <3
    10. Here she is! I've got her in a temp outfit from one of my other dolls until I can either make her something or get her something that fits better (this one is a little small in the chest)
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    11. @DriftlessStranger ohh congrats on her! She looks so sweet and pretty :chibi! Also a bit shy with that pose and eye placement. Have you named her yet?

      @The Narrative Nerd congratulations! I saw him too and he looks in perfect condition too! I'm glad he has found a loving home ~ please post pics when you have him!
    12. Thank you!!! I will! I'll have to figure out how to instagram but I will! I can't wait for him to get here!!!!!!°
    13. @Insane-Chan Thank you! i haven't decided on a name quite yet. I think I'm going to wait until I have her in a complete outfit just for her and see what sort of name fits her then. :XD:
    14. This evening I decided to let my floating Dreaming head 13 doll borrow my LM body. Terrible match but I figured I'd pose him along with a few of my other SD+ DoD to share a picture here. :D Sorry that it's so dark, my office doesn't have the best lighting. Missing in this photo is my Ducan and my Caracal (because he too is a floating head). Anyone have recommendations for good skin matches? DH13 and Caracal really need their own bodies but they are SO pink.

      Currently waiting for a DoC Bee to be shipped to me and might buy a DoB Pisce. Never held a DoB and they seem rare, so I'm very tempted, but my issue is I very seldom bond with yosd sizes.

      Without further ado: Delphine, Sha (he needs a new faceup asap!), Dreaming Head 13 (default faceup), Luke (default)
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    15. @DriftlessStranger She looks so sweet :whee: I can't wait to see what you do with her!

      @D4rk_0rchyd They look great :D I'd love to see your Caracal personally - he doesn't show up very often :whee:
      I can't be too sure on the newest matches, I know Dikadoll definitely do a pink skin that's not far off - their jointed hands fit the DOT/I bodies pretty well so I have a few pairs. They are a few years old now but they're so far matching reasonably well.
      They might be too pink but Angell-studio and Mystic Kids have been mentioned as possibles before :3nodding:

      I need to start buying in bodies myself, I'm up to 11 floating DOD heads :XD:
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    16. @Shido I was planning on letting him use my Luke's body but the color is so off! XD Caracal is my current profile picture!

      Thank you! I'll look into dikadoll first! :D The thing with Caracal is...it's a big head so he has to use 70cm + bodies for sure. His ears are huge. The most horrible part is DoD closed while I was planning to get him his body. T_T Since then I found DoI bodies but they were all too yellow for the head.

      That's a lot of DoD floaties!!! Imagine getting bodies for all! Biggest DoD fam!
    17. Anyone have recommendations for a DOT ns female body that would make a decent skin match? I have a DOT floating head and would like it to be a girl.
    18. @D4rk_0rchyd DOI heads fit pretty well on Soom bodies too but the colour is definitely no good :sweat (I have a WS one).
      I do intend getting all of my floaties bodies at some point, they have to put up with sharing for now :lol: I've been working on getting my workshop-shed kitted out and eventually I want to be able to do a full group photo with them on the table in there - it's basically the only place they'll all fit now :frownyblush:
      I'm not going to reveal the length of my full wishlist as they're not all DOD but I'm almost halfway through it, I think :shudder

      @monkeybonesmom How yellow/cream/pink is she? For the super pink the ones I suggested above should work, but if she's more on the yellow-cream side they definitely won't work unless they're maybe a bit older too.
    19. @monkeybonesmom How yellow/cream/pink is she? For the super pink the ones I suggested above should work, but if she's more on the yellow-cream side they definitely won't work unless they're maybe a bit older too.[/QUOTE]

      Shido, she is a normal skin that had been stored away so she is almost like new.