Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 7

Dec 7, 2020

    1. @monkeybonesmom If that's the case a pinker body should do her well, maybe look for a body from one of the companies that's a year or two old so it's a little lighter :3nodding:

      It would be helpful if places offered resin chips for colour checking, really! Some of them don't even offer hands separately right now either :sigh I was looking to order some from a few places to see how close they might be, and with spare DOD hands in short supply I have a few broken ones I want to replace! :pout:
    2. Magic Time is quite pink. I don't know how they compare though...

      But aren't there paint stores who colormatch and give you the paint strips, which you then send to BJD companies, who offer custom color services, like Ringdoll or Angell Studio? That way you don't need to send head-caps or doll parts.
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    3. Not sure if this question goes here but I was informed of a Calla on Vinted FR and I was wondering if anyone has bought a BJD off of Vinted before? I've seen a whole bunch of scary reviews of the poor buyer and seller protection but Calla is my other must have DoD. Should I let this one pass and hope she pops up somewhere else? The seller also refused to do a paypal transaction outside of Vinted, which I understand but am still frustrated by because trying to make an account has been a nightmare. Does Calla show up often?
    4. @DriftlessStranger I haven't used it yet myself - there don't seem to be many bjd listings appear in the UK :sweat
      I did search her up and look her over, she definitely looks legit, the seller's feedback looks good and if you pay via Paypal they should be able to step in if there's any issues. I haven't seen many Calla for sale since DOD closed, so good luck :whee:
    5. I'm still looking for a normal skin body for a DOT girl, any suggestions on a good match
    6. [​IMG]

      My DOD Code 2 got in! His trousers disintegrated and he got like 7 extra stains that I had to remove after taking this photo but here he is!
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    7. I'm hoping I got in fast enough to buy this head, I think he might be a DH10? Not a lot of DOI heads have open mouth+teeth as far as I've found!
      His faceup is frankly terrifying to me so that will be wiped asap :sweat
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    8. It's got a very old-school/porclain-doll looking faceup to it
    9. Ooooooh, I hope you got him! <3
    10. @Yumeiro He does, and that's probably why it bothers me :sweat

      @The Narrative Nerd I got a confirmation, so he is definitely mine! Even if I'm not 100% sure which sculpt he is, the thing I know for sure is I don't already have it :XD:
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    11. I'm almost sure the answer is "no", but do any of the other DOT tan runs match Black Elf Sha? I'm pretty sure the ones that shipped earlier are more red than the later shipped one so I don't even think the BES run was consistent at all. It bothers me how pin-headed he is, but a fuller looking wig would help a bit if a smaller body is out of the question.

      @Shido that's an interestingly animetic style face up for a DOD. I don't think I've seen any in that style before.
    12. @nyaaain DOD's tan is absolutely inconsistent as far as I know - I have 4 tans and none of them match each other :sweat Someone with a DESha may know better, though!
    13. I managed to get the Calla and she arrived today! The listing only said 'comes with some gothic clothes' so i was expecting just one outfit but I seem to have hit the jackpot and she came with her original fullset outfit, two other gothic outfits, two wigs, three hats, three pairs of shoes, and a bunch of accessories! I'll post some pictures when I get her all dressed up but I was just so stunned I had to share!
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    14. Wow, so excited for you!
    15. That's amazing, I'm so pleased for you! :D
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    16. @DriftlessStranger Oh my, you really hit the jackpot! They both look amazing. Congratulations! :love
    17. They're beautiful