Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 7

Dec 7, 2020

    1. @micchix honestly with Mandarake, and specifically DOD dolls, there is naturally very inconsistent wording with the listings. They don't always get the entire doll information from the original seller, and just do the best they can from what they have. The few other listings for DOD dolls in the past kind of had an array of titles as well. They also don't always put them in the correct category...but it's all just the nature of the business :sweat

      This is the original listing for Shall: DOD about 60cm size
    2. Oooh fun!! Congrats. :) I always forget about checking Mandarake. Looks like it's her original faceup?
    3. @ryuunohime it is! Alas though, I'm going to be re-doing it ^^;; her faceup and face seem to have a number of dirt spots and possible paint scratches...it's hard to tell from the photos, but I expect she'll need a full bath, head included. Anyways, sadly the default faceup doesn't suit my plans for her anyways, but I'm going be making her as beautiful as I can with a new blush pink faceup.
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    4. Can't go wrong with pink!
    5. thank you so much!! It was truly a steal, but I do understand as I bough one Unoa for something like 12k yen! It's good to keep an eye :>
    6. @micchix The truth is, I put in my order without even looking at her price. I was so excited, I smashed Add To Cart after just a second of opening her page. Then I went back and saw the actual price and was like :o because honestly I was prepared to pay twice that much, or more.
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    7. *playing catch-up*

      @Shido, what a amazing group! :love How many DOD floating heads do you have?

      Tohma's eyes in the anime are really large, so because he's a character doll....:whee:

      How lucky, @Insane-Chan! Congrats, and can't wait to see your newest girl!

      I should take an updated pic of my two DOD boys. :XD:


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    8. Six, so far... :XD: Tender Lahoo, Camine, Shall, DH1, Tender Bee-A and an E-an.

      One day I will look at my collection and go "yeah, I'm done, no more" but today is not that day :lol: The first week of the year was barely out and I had a layaway set up (that gorgeous Dark Tahlia that's been hanging round the MP), more to let the post calm down after the holidays so she can arrive here safely!
      She's definitely @Morri_P.'s fault, I had Tahlia on my "maybe one day" list but her girl bumped her up to "why don't you already have one??" :XD:
    9. @Shido dang! You truly are the queen of the DOD lol. I'm just curious, but is there a certain other company's body you plan to use/have used for your DOD floating heads in the past? I'm mostly curious about DOT, since they had the most odd ball measurements of the bunch. My friend has a floating Lahoo head that she's currently saving from some bad mod work by a previous owner, but it's pretty rare to see floating DOT bodies around.
    10. @Insane-Chan I have to be honest, my ultimate goal is all of them... :mwahaha Pretty unlikely, I know! There's a few on my list labelled as "I know of one of these in the whole world" and "I have literally never seen one" including my absolute grail Stom :...(

      RE: bodies: I haven't actually given a huge amount of thought to it recently - most of the bodies/companies I had bookmarked are discontinued as well. I have most of them displayed on ink bottles right now :lol: getting the sculpts is slightly higher priority than bodying everyone when so many of them can share. When I have too many heads to do a full swap, that's when I'll worry.

      But for reference, I had: Custom House (SD girl, boy), Musedoll (SD girl, boy), Luts (Junior Delf boy), and possibles in Angell-studio, Dikadoll and Myoudoll as they offer a pink, creamy or WS option that can be dyed. I know already Dikadoll's hands aren't a bad match, and they go creamy yellow as well which is good for older heads... but the bodies aren't particularly pretty :horror: Part of why I love DOD so much is because their bodies weren't all waify!
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    11. Awwwww! I'm so happy for you. They are stunning creatures. I can't wait to see her <3
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    12. Oh wow, you really do have a nice DOD floating head collection! Can I say, I'm a little jealous....;)

      I should look for a Camine head myself. I already have a character for him should I ever find one. :3nodding::chomp::...(

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    13. @Shido Got it, thanks for all of the info! It's just nice to know where to start ^^;;
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    14. My Shall arrived :D her arrival is in the Box Opening gallery here
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    15. Wooooohoooo! What a beauty! So happy for you <3
    16. Wow, what a sweet face! Congrats!

    17. wooow I'm so jealous!! She's stunning :D and she arrived so quickly! Congrats :love
    18. Oh wow she got here so fast! I really look forward to seeing what you do with her. :)