Dream of Doll: DoT and DoI - Part 7

Dec 7, 2020

    1. Ahhh new DoD! (Well, new to us. :D)

      It's like I've stepped back in time with that Kalix and Delphine. Congrats! <3
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    2. Wow! They are fantastic! <3 I'm very happy for you!
    3. Thank you so much, Komorebi did an amazing job on them!

      Thank you so much, they are so very nostalgic. I'm glad they were able to take you back!

      Thank you! I cannot stop staring at them
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    4. I managed to snag a Ducan off of Suguga-ya via FromJapan last night. I couldn't tell from the pictures the site had of him if he is just heavily stained or he yellowed a lot, as the photos were low quality. But I'm happy I managed to snag him after all of these years of wanting one.
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    5. [​IMG]

      Managed to find a pic I snapped of Kalix before I unstrung him. I'm still waiting on the elastic but it should be here any day lol!

      He has the default face-up by DoD but I've always been bothered by the lack of colouring inside his mouth. Did anyone else have this issue with a DoD face-up? It doesn't really matter, I'm just curious at this point.
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    6. @Hana Doku congrats!! Definitely post pics when he arrives! Does he have the default faceup?

      @souphouse he's gorgeous! Yeah not having the paint in his mouth is definitely odd... I guess I never really noticed it in other open-mouthed dolls from DOD. the only thing that personally always bothered me about their faceups was how they painted the lower lashes on all their dolls. I just always disliked the style ><
    7. From what the pictures in the listing showed, he does have his default faceup. Plus, it looks like he might be coming with some pieces of his full set.
    8. @SoupBandit it does seem to be a quirk of theirs - my Isis and Twing-key both have an uncoloured part in their mouth!

      I snapped a quick photo earlier, in honour of it being mother’s day here in the UK! Reine (E-an) with her son Sylvian (Too) :chocoheart
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    9. @Shido they're such a cute family~ ^^ E-an is really pretty with that soft faceup!
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    10. Hi all! I've been away from the hobby for 10 years and when I came back recently I was so sad to hear that DoD is no longer around. I wish I have my dolls with me (they're in my hometown at the moment, and I can't travel because.. you know).

      But I found an archive of old photos and thought I'd share them to spread the Sha love <3

      DoT Sha with default faceup. Bought circa 2008
      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      DoT Tender Elf Sha (he has elf ears!). I think he was limited edition for an event, maybe in 2010? Faceup by me.

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    11. @keara They're lovely! :D Thank you for sharing :love
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    12. @keara Welcome back to the hobby! Always happy to see classic DoDs. :)
    13. thank you! its such a nostalgia trip ^^ i have more photos saved up from before and will post them slowly!

      most welcome! i'm happy that there are still people who love these dolls <3

      just curious, does anyone know why DoD shut down? they were doing so well back then and were quite popular on DoA.
    14. No - we are all wondering the same thing.
      Could be the recasting issue. There was a fire. And some sickness too. But any definite reason has not been shared... :sorry
    15. @keara welcome to the DOT thread! Thank you for sharing your lovely boys ~!

      I feel like the majority of DOTs most seen still around are Sha's. Goes to show how popular he was! I'm glad the original DOTs still get the love.

      @Yumeiro was there a fire at some point?? I hadn't heard of that before! I've tried searching on Korean search sites before for any conversations or word on what may have caused the sudden shutdown, but have had no luck finding anything.
    16. @Insane-Chan Yeah, but as with the rest, not a lot is known. It could have been in their warehouse, as well as in a nearby locale. I don't think they disclosed more than "there was a fire".
      That said, it's been a while, I do not remember 100% - so correct me if I'm wrong!
    17. I never heard anything back from most of my searches even just after they closed, so no idea here! Other doll companies I've asked didn't know anything, it's just very weird. Why did they delete their Naver cafe group? Why were there so many random duplicate websites popping up all over the place (that iirc were all registered to the same person that's not the DOD owner)?
      I have so many questions and no answers :...( I've emailed another place I tried a while back, see if they reply this time.
      I'm somewhat inclined to believe the warehouse fire - if their masters and molds weren't damaged they likely would have been sold off like Custom House's were.

      Ah, also @keara - T.E.Sha was an event in December 2008 :3nodding:
    18. Oh that's so sad to hear about the fire if that was indeed the cause! All we can do is appreciate their legacy now :atremblin I definitely won't be taking all the BJD companies for granted ever again.

      Thank you!! I just looked up old email receipts and you're right. I'm also curious about your signature -- how is DoD archiving going?

      Thank you! And yes, Sha is such a lovely sculpt and will always be my first love:love I also wanted a Tender Shall at some point before I checked myself :XD:
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    19. Found more photos of my boy with one of my favorite outfits (I believe also from DoD) the pinstriped suit. I remember finding pants for DoT boys was a challenge because of their long, long legs XD

      [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    20. I'd heard about the fire, and that they closed temporarily and then...never came back. One day the website just stopped working and sent everyone in a panic and nobody could figure out what had happened, they were just gone. I'm really glad we have the archive (Thanks to @Shido !!) Now I always save the company photos of anything I buy, just in case. It's easy to forget that most of these 'companies' are small studios of a handful of people.
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