Dream of Doll's "Dream of Idol" (DoI) line - Luke, A&D and CRUSH!

Nov 27, 2007

    1. Anytime! XD I actually just happened across the waiting room not too long ago ^^;

      I know! I so can't wait and once people start posting pics... I'm going to go crazy! XD
    2. This is just a note for everyone ^^; The Dollmore Model M shoes are about an inch or so too long for the DoI boys' feet!! They have surprisingly small footsies! =O
    3. Whoa!!! Are they the same size of Dollmore Female Model?? Because I got my Ducan's shoes at the size of Dollmore Female Model. :?

    4. No, don't "hush," I DO want it...and every outfit that Tohma wears in the anime, AND the manga, including the infamous "bunny ears" and the nurse's uniform! :)

      The feather coat WOULD be a great start, though! :D

      I think I'm going to get the creepy black demon eyes with the red pupils as well, you know, the ones he has when he pushes Taki in front of the car...heh heh heh


    5. Can they fit into any DOT shoes?
    6. maybe DOI got the foot of DOT?? :roll:
    7. I got a pair of Dollshe shoes just in case the normal SD13 are small.
    8. Just wanted to let everyone know the DOT sneakers and sneaker boots have been released! :)
      The sneakers are $43.00 and the sneaker boots are $55.00. They cost around $25.00 to ship to the US too. Ack. So about $68.00 for normal sneakers.
      I wonder if you ordered if DOD would send it in the same box as your DOI?

    9. That would be awesome... but it might be hard cause it's a seperate order... and combining them might confuse them... I would have saved on the shipping though... :(
    10. Yea, they won't join the two orders unfortunately. :(
    11. I am not a big fan of these. I have said this before and will say this again. I do not trust Dream of Doll. Their communication is extremly poor and I think dealing with them might be dangerous.
    12. Poop. Well thanks for letting me know StreppyPoo and Andariel!
      *looks at above post*
      It's ok to give your opinion on the dolls of course...not everyone likes Dream of Doll's dolls. But saying that they are dangerous is going a bit far. I did a lot of research on them before I bought my doll. They have communication issues sure, but they have never run away with anyone's money. Everyone who has paid has recieved their dolls and have been usually good quality. Problems with resin occurs in every company. And the communication problem is with email only. If you have an account with them you get information that way too...like payment recieved, etc. All in all, it is a company run by humans...and thus no company can be perfect.

    13. I am sorry you think so. They have been pretty good about answering my emails.

      I think saying they are 'dangerous' to deal with is a nasty accusation, tho.
      What exactly are you accusing them of?

      They might not be the quickest when it comes to deliveries, but there are others who are even worse.
    14. I haven't heard nearly as many bad things about DoD as I have about other companies such as Luts lately. Aside from their sometimes delayed shipping, I've heard nothing but good things about the company. I hope my order continues to go smoothly so I can have a positive experience with DoD. :3
    15. I've bought three dolls and many outfits and accessories from Dream of Doll and never had a problem. I wouldn't hesitate in the slightest to do business with them again.
    16. Same here. I have never had any issues doing business with them. The communication might take a day or two, but they do respond. And the one time they forgot to ship something with my order, I shot them an email and it was at my doorstep within four days.
    17. I agree, I've had nothing but good dealings with them :) Yes the emails take couple of days... but like people said, they are only humans, and answering to every email can take some time! But I've also had several of my emails answered same day and even some within the hour they were sent!

      Sometimes their english may be a bit hard to understand, but I emailed them for confirmation and they were very happy to help me out with what they were trying to say!

      My orders have all gone through and I totally love DOD! :D

      But hey, people do have their opinions! So I'm not going against anyone, but I will have to admit, I do have a great bias for DOD! XD
    18. Maybe that's the thing.
      I asked DOD a question before I had an account, and never got an answer.
      Now I do have an account, and they answer every question I ask.
    19. You people are right, I shouldn't have said dealing with them is dangerous. I didn't mean to harm the companies reputation in any way. I had bad experience with them and I will just leave it at that. But all in all, I'm sure the company is not as bad as I made it sound. I'm sorry if I hurt anyone's feelings.
      Those dolls do look nice.
    20. Does anyone know what other kinds of shoes would fit the DOI that have actually put them on?

      He has gi-nor-mous feet~ >_<;;