Dream of Doll's "Dream of Idol" (DoI) line - Luke, A&D and CRUSH!

Nov 27, 2007

    1. Rilly said that DOI could fit to DOT shoes... they're same width but DOI is a little bit longer feet.
    2. I posted a pic with size comparison between the DoT and DoI feet. The boots pictured are the ones right off the DoD site. Luckily he has feet that are the same or slightly narrower than the DoT foot...I'll try him in other shoes...will compare the length to the SD13 I have and see if those shoes will work as well


      I also have a lot of other pics to go up once I retake them (some didn't turn out because it was night time) so if you have any requests let me know via PM or drop a comment in that thread.
    3. My Luke can fit into the Luts Union Jack boots, though they're a bit snug.
    4. Thanks Rillystar!
      Unfortuneately DOD shoes are very hard to come by ><

      Mind telling me KeiCai_Ayan are they Senior Delf or just stanard Delf shoes?

      <3 <3
    5. I got some off eBay that fit my DoT (non DoD) and also fit the DoI. I'll snap pics of him in them later today for you. Mostly just sports shoes though. the Iplehouse boots I bought that fit hound also fit him even with socks...
    6. That's so weird... my Luke's feet are the EXACT same size as Shea's! O__o... they're actually thinner...

      I'll post a pic l8er today.
    7. Thanks guys~ It's so weird having a doll without shoes >_<;

      Any idea if any rocking horse shoes might fight? XD *hoping SD13 shoes fit or Senior Delf shoes*
    8. Can someone who has received a DoI describe the resin color? Is it very pinky like the previous DoD resins, or might it actually come close to matching some other company's?
    9. Oops. I got this mixed up with the waiting room. XD :sweat
    10. I have a pair of Dollheart rocking horse shoes that I can try on my DoI when I get home from work.

      Mine is wearing Dollheart SD13 boots right now. The newer Dollheart styles seem to run bigger than most of the old ones, so he can probably fit in most shoes from there.
    11. Is there anyone in here who knows enough about the DOT dolls and their clothes that they might be able to answer a question of mine?
    12. Oblivion - the DoTs are smaller in the waist and thighs. Also have shorter legs. I have a pic of my DoI in Elf Ducan's pants and while I got them on they are a -tight- fit and he can't sit in them without popping the button.
    13. I actually was wondering if a certain girl outfit would fit Ducan. xD It's not a super girly outfit, but I think it's adorable, and he's the doll I'm getting a few months from now.
    14. Thanks so much!! *_* <3<3 I will have to order from Dollheart as soon as my check comes in~ I really hope those rocking horse shoes fit!!
    15. I find the DOI's to still have a pink hue to them, but I find them more white compared to the DOT's, you can for sure tell a difference between the 2, but it's not a HUGE difference to make them look bad beside each other.

    16. They fit~! I thought they wouldn't, since they're so narrow at the toe and his foot is wide. It took a little wiggling, but they went on without too much trouble. If those things fit, I'd think any Dollheart SD13 boy shoe is okay.
    17. GYAH *Goes off to buy a pair* thankyou so much shiroi_yukiko!!
    18. I got a short black wig from DOD for my DOI, but its too small. T_T I plan on keeping it for my Tender Lahoo head, but where would I be able to get a wig that'd fit my boy? I don't plan on ordering from Luts anytime soon, so that's off. I think someone mentioned Leekeworld?
    19. any 9-10 should fit. The DoD ones aren't really stretchy but a stretchy cap 8-9 should also fit. I tried a 4D wig on him and it was a touch loose but looked very good. I plan on adding velcro to his head anyways.

      Lots of companies make the size he needs but Leeke is doing a reservation order right now (but also has regular stock)
    20. Alrighty. Thanks so much, rillystar! :)