Dream of Doll's "Dream of Idol" (DoI) line - Luke, A&D and CRUSH!

Nov 27, 2007

    1. *_* I can't wait to see what these rocking horse shoes look like on him~

      Does anyone know if senior delf shoes fit? their feet are only different by .2 centimeters.....
    2. EDIT: Nevermind~ I found it. :)
    3. I finished the DoI review and comparison with Dollshe and SD17 now...since so many people asked I will try to get the comps done for 70cm Buddy doll, 70 cm Dollzone, SD13 (both types) and Delf (type 1 and 2).

      I can do some head swapping if people really want cept for DZ and Buddy I have to wait til I go visit uneide again.

      On an interesting note, I tried some of the new Dollheart outfits (most are too short in the arm and legs) and will post pics of how those look as well shortly if people are interested.
    4. I am interested! I found that SD13 clothes (shirts from Volks) seem to fit him pretty nicely :P
    5. I was curious how a SD13 shirts from Volks fit one and an SD13 chest measures to 23.7 and a DOI's chest is 27.5? o_O

      I'm really very new to this, but that cm gap is kinda big. ^^; Is it just cause the shirt fabric is willing to stretch that much?
    6. re-posting this here, as well as in the DoT+DoI discussion thread, just so's I can get all the info I can. :)
      Awwright, DoI fans, I hazza question:
      Love love LOVE DoI Luke v. 2 for a character of mine (unless, of course, his sculpt changes AH-gain), but he is WAY too tall. With the size of his neck hole and the color of the NS resin, what other (shorter) male bodies would work? I'm really hoping to find one that's no taller than 60 cm, but absolutely ideally, he'd be 57 cm or so lol. XD Mel's a short lil' dude.
    7. They are fanny boys!!!
    8. I've seen a Luke head on a DOT body, and it looks just fine to me!
    9. @Lenlen, yeah I know there have definitely been a few DoT heads on DoI bodies, so they must be like Delf/Feeples XD interchangeable?

      I dunno. I'm new to this thread <3 I looovee these guys they're gorgeous X3