Dream Valley 1/3 Doll Discussion

Nov 27, 2018

    1. Oh phew, I was hoping this would be the case! It's so easy to tell I haven't had to wait for non-secondhand dolls in a long time :XD:
      I appreciate it~
    2. @BaroquePopPrincess No problem! DV is thankfully on the normal end. DC/DZ is about 6 or so months, as are some other companies, and Dollshe...well, we won't even talk about Dollshe.:sweat
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    3. You guys were talking about how well this body would hybrid with other companies, and then just a few days ago, I saw the Mephisto.Pheles head from Doll Chateau. There's a slight size difference between the neck joints, but I'm wondering if some sanding to widen the space would work. It'd be a GREAT alternate head design for my character, if I ever wanted to swap between the two sculpts.

      The thing is tho, is that his collar would almost completely hide his neck, anyway, so I guess if I go to do this, I'll show you guys the resin colors side by side and how they fit/if anything needed sanding? That way at least between DV and DC you could see how they'd look?

      DC has always been incredibly spindly n spidery to me, but DV is like a more realistic version of it. I kinda wanna hybrid and see what happens anyway. :D
    4. I did not know dream valley existed and wow! I'm getting the B70-01 body to try and match it up with the extensions + hands/feet from Doll Chateau's A-body-03. I'll be putting a IOS Elafi head on it and just work on it so it is hopefully not too top heavy. I'll be getting everything at the same time, if it ends up not working I already have a backup idea of what to do with it :sneaky
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    5. Does anyone happen to have Dream Valley white and Doll Chateau/Dollzone white? Are they a close resin match?
    6. Anyone here that having a DV female in 1/3 scale and maybe have some other SDs at home? :D
    7. @Hasentraene The 1/3 DV female is new, so I doubt anyone has one yet.
    8. Yeah i asked somwhere else, i felt it was longer ago X'D but now having contact to a person that ordered one :D
    9. I have not been obsessed with a bjd for a long time and was relieved because of it. However, now that I've seen Athos and his gorgeous body I can't stop thinking of him. At first I thought the head face sculpt was not manly enough for the body or that it looked too small. However, now that I've been looking at it for over a two weeks I think it looks really great. I honestly can't justify a new doll. In fact I have over 15 I want to sell as I collected so many because of my BJD obsession. I'll just keep looking at him and luckily he's not limited so he can wait.
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