Dream Valley BJD Tiny Dolls

Feb 7, 2018

    1. I deeply adore the new dragon pet Bor. So cute :D
      Does the body blushing /paint on dream valley dolls hold up well?

      I don't own dolls from them, and love his painted look, but I don't have experience in how easily and quickly the paint goes off for full body make ups?
      He looks so much fun to pose, but I am afraid I will be in constant fear of damaging it:sweat
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    2. Eeeee, I just ordered Eve and I'm so excited. These little dragons really did me in. I've been keeping my eye out for the perfect little dragon as the familiar of one of my dolls and when I saw these. Welp. <3:D<3
    3. Congrats on the orders everyone!

      @phanuel congrats on recieving your little ones, they're adorable^^. I can't wait for my Peanut to come home^^.

      Apparently I hadn't posted it here yet, but a week ago I ordered a Tea and a chomper arm body for my venus flytrap girl. Both blank, so hopefully they'll be done a bit quicker than my Halloween event order:sweat
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    4. Oh no, they're cute! :D I definitely want to get Bor. The dragon kids Izzy and Samander are adorable as well; usually I prefer the guys but Izzy's winning me over. If only I could swap bodies...

      Today I have some bad news; my Aiden took a nosedive onto the hardwood floor and now I've lost one of the head magnets :( I have some spare magnets lying around from past doll projects, but none of them fit the space. Do you guys think it's possible that I reach out to them and request buying a replacement magnet?
    5. I'm not sure about the magnet part replacement (just try to ask them), but I'm sure you can get a Izzy as a boy. I asked them about the body swap to get Collier dragon boy and they did it for me.:thumbup
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    6. I ordered 2 Bor yesterday too. I've been looking for a perfect dragon sculpture for a long time and Bor is similar to my imagination. Unfortunately, I like black dragon but this time they don't have black resin. I tried to ask but they rejected. Guess I need to dye by myself. :...(
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    7. @phanuel I love your Periwinkle! Those babies are so cute. I'm working my way down my wish list to get Grug.
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    8. @thessalyrose , I had admired the babies with no definite plan to get one, but when Peanut became available with a minimum purchase I went for it. I'm glad I did. The little body is great, it naturally falls into baby-like poses.
    9. My Gru arrived a while back and it's a pretty fun sculpt. I'm absolutely in love with the hands, they're so detailed despite being so small and slim and I love plying with them by putting them in different poses. I also tried the doll with my smallest doll clothes and they fit pretty well!
      They are Pukifee/ Lati yellow size made by GuguModa on Etsy, in case anyone was looking for clothing in the right size.
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    10. @Epicari: oh, he's precious! He looks great blank/in white with those clothes on and those little hands do look amazing^^. Thanks for the tip about clothing sizes, that's going to be useful:) My Gru is on his way to me as we speak, just arrived in my country, I can't wait to have him home:).
    11. Took a huge leap of faith and ordered a fullset Julie that’s been sitting on Dolk for some months... so, mixed feelings? :abambi: Let’s go with cautiously optimistic, lmao.

      There was another one sitting on the JP site (that’s been far more reliable for me in the past) for months as well, but the day I got news that meant I could spring for her she sold, of course. At least the international one was up for what worked out to be around $200 cheaper, since I think it has everything but her bow? That and she’s NS while the JP one was WS, but that doesn’t matter to me. I’ve wanted her since the original release and I’ve been so disappointed I couldn’t actually order any of the wolves before their discontinuation, so I’m just going to cross my fingers I hit the “good transaction” side of things.

      I also feel a bit bad since I 100% plan on repainting her, but assuming she turns up I think I’ll leave the fullset around for a while first.
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    12. It’s funny. When they teased the merboys I thought oh, the wolves won’t come back anytime soon, then. Well.

      That’s just the luck, I guess. I’ve decided to call this a win-win since if Dolk does its thing, worst case scenario I can order an alternative. Theoretically I don’t have to wait for production either...

      On the plus side, if anyone missed the foxes or the wolves (or the human-wolves) and wanted them, now’s a good chance with the sale; I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t thinking about grabbing human Julie to match. I’ll probably procrastinate since they’re no longer limited, though.
    13. I already own two Ann girls, one in WS and another in old tan skin (orange), so luckily I'm safe this time!
    14. I just saw the event announcement and I've been wanting one of the little foxes for a while, but I've never been able to decide which one. Does anyone have some photos of Ann and Purple they might be willing to share?
    15. I have two Ann’s because I loved the sculpt so much, even if my girl in the (old) tan is spray tan orange XD.
      Have an album of pics of my two mischievous girls!
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    16. To be fair, with a fox, "spray tan orange" kind of works. XD They're so cute, your photos show the face off so much better than the company ones! Ann is the one I lean slightly toward, but I like something of the "inhumanness" in Purple's eyes, and it's just so hard to really get a look at both faces in the company photos that I want to see something better before I choose. Luckily, the event for them just started so I have a little time. :)
    17. Does anyone have any pictures of Glen or Aiden to share? I know I want to get one of the boys, I'm just having a tough time deciding which.
    18. I got my shipping notice today, pleasantly shocked; Dolk seems to be making up for me missing out on the sale, but I’m not complaining! Now I just have to worry if I get her while it’s still going and that’s enough to tip me over into also getting one of the other two.

      @Magnus Vale, what are your thoughts on each right now? No pictures here but I definitely feel you on it being a tough decision, they’re both charming in very distinct ways.
    19. @Magnus Vale - i've not done my Aiden boy's faceup yet, but if you wanted to see him with a few wig colours i can probably take some pics this weekend. :thumbup
      i agree with @asuu, both boys are so beautiful, though the grumpy won out for me in the end :lol:
      i am considering getting one of the pets this time.... (famous last words...) why does everything gorgeous premier at the same time lately. :pout: