Dream Valley BJD Tiny Dolls

Feb 7, 2018

    1. Does anyone happen to have Dream Valley white and Doll Chateau/Dollzone white? Are they a close resin match?
    2. As far as I know, they are cast at the same place, just like DC and DZ are, so it should be identical.
    3. @Snow Do you remember where you saw this information? My understanding is that Dream Valley is a separate company from DC/DZ. That's not to say DV couldn't be using DC/DZ's casting services, but I haven't seen any mentioning as such until just now.
    4. Actually, you're right. There doesn't seem to be an official statement about this. I'm mostly basing this on box openings of their tan dolls, which look a lot like DC/DZ recent tan, but maybe I am wrong.

      I did manage to find this comparison, but I feel like the white headcap in this pic has yellowed. This pic is from June 2018, before DZ/DC tweaked their colors.

      I used to have white DZ in the house and brand new it was paper white, just like the Loxy I have.
      Unfortunately the DC body I have mellowed very quickly so comparing that to the Loxy wouldn't help.

      Here is a pic of the new DZ/DC colors.

      It might be worth it contacting Angelesque to see if they have any recent DZ/DC to compare for you. They have done a lot of comparison pics and are usually very accommodating.
    5. @Snow Skimo on the DV mini thread said that the new/current DC/DZ white they have is creamier then current DV white. But, sugarbeta mentioned that they are at least a close match. So it sounds like they may not be exactly the same, but workable.

      I had thought about reaching out to BJDivas, but didn't think this was something I should bother a dealer with.:sweat

      Also, thanks for the picture!
    6. Ah well that's good to know!

      And in my opinion that is something you can totally reach out to a dealer for. Usually they are more than happy to help in my experience ^^
    7. @Snow Thanks for the help, and suggestions!
    8. I am waiting for a dollzone star in the new white skin, i'll be able to take a comparison pic since I plan to put Hyaline head on star body...

      I also snatched a Purple in normal skin, I love its body and will try a few hybridation... with the hope of putting a yellowed LTF head on it...
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    9. Preview pictures of new wolf bodies like Purple, Ann and company on Twitter! I can't wait to see more, they definitely went looking for ways to make sure the fox body and the wolf body would be obviously different.
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    10. I just saw their twitter. I...really need these haha..and my Adela hasn't even come in yet! I guess the little wolflings are even pieces again...?
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    11. Yea, that's what they're saying on Twitter, blank dolls being a $550 purchase gift.
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    12. Saw that Jeeryama still had a Purple in stock in normal skin so I bought him for hybriding.

      Dunno what I'll do with the head or outfit, but the fox parts are going to my Conarium Qingwu when he gets a body, and the body is gonna go towards reshelling my little guy Nori. I'll get the Sultan and Tank heads for it eventually, but I'm happy with just the body for now.
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    13. Does anyone happen to have a Dream Valley Ann fox girl? I bought one secondhand and she came with her tail unstrung and I've kind of got a vague idea maybe, if she's strung similarly to Foxy and Loxy, but... Can anyone with firsthand experience maybe give a quick rundown of how to string her tail? :lol::lol::lol:
    14. @Mr_Sunstrider mentioned having unstrung Purple's tail to switch to the spare part that they came with, and since its otherwise the same body might be able to answer some questions about how it went together (if you haven't already messaged them). Otherwise I don't remember any other mention in the thread of someone unstringing the tail and then also stringing it back on.
    15. Another tail restringing Question. I got my loxy and the tail omg it's a flop disaster no way loxy could every stand or use it to balance. It's this just the way she is or will attempting to tighten it fix it? (I've never restrung before so nervous to do it especially if it won't fix it)
    16. WingedGoddess, I have a Purple fox, I think they have the same system. I restringed my fox on 2 different strings. His body I left on default elastic and for his tail I used elastic for SD dolls, I made a big knot inside (where tail start) and just checked size when it will be OK for me, because tail is very heavy for that body.
    17. My Loxy isn't floppy in the tail, unless you mean the joint that directly connects it to the body, in which case it spins all it wants but I feel that's just the way its supposed to work. I think you could try to tighten the strings, but Loxy only stands with the tail giving it something to lean on or anchor it. But given how big the tail is it looks about right to me when I take pictures :lol:
    18. Just like HeavensChaos said, Loxy doesn't stand or pose well without that tail. He can't pose like a normal fox if that's what you're attempting to do (sadly I tried). But despite that, he's still quite adorable and can do a few different poses compared to other 'companion' type dolls I've seen around.
    19. He couldnt use the tail as an anchor cause it just flops over/slightly apart. Like in some weird way it's tight everywhere but the tail as if the elastic has given?? :( I pulled it a little tighter just now and now she can lean against her tail (given the connecting joint can handle the pose and not send her into a spin)
    20. It sounds like you really may need to restring the tail, or if that doesn't work for some reason, look into some other ways to keep it from flopping so badly. The tail is pretty important.