Dream Valley BJD Tiny Dolls

Feb 7, 2018

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    1. I can finally contribute spam, my DV Ann arrived two days ago. Sadly her actual wig isn't here yet, so the one she's wearing is temporary

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    2. Apologies fro double posting, but a friend gave me the proper wig for Neriah (the one I ordered still hasn't arrived...) as they weren't using it. I'm over the moon with her and how cute she looks!

      It took me ages to figure out how to tame her hair in a way you can see her ears still. Next step, painting!
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    3. @Chewiemonster oh no they're adorable in color! Congrats! I can't wait to see the whole family together!

      @IzabethS I always love seeing more Anns! :D That is such a cute and fluffy wig, too, suits her perfectly! She's white skin right? Mine is normal and I think the difference is, for once, pretty clear even without comparison!

      I don't think I remembered to link my Ann's box opening here, so here it is for those interested!
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    4. @Chewiemonster Love your little dragons!! I was so tempted by the dragons! So glad to see everyone sharing theirs here!
      Oggie, my little Ding. I love him so much I have a little tan one coming as well.
      [​IMG]After the Christening by wizgerg3, on Flickr
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    5. @Bootspy - Yep, she's white skin! I personally would have preferred a normal skin color, but I didn't want to pass her up on the market! I finally got around to painting her too!

      @JinCIncy - Love your little Ding, he's adorable! Can't wait to see the tan one!

      Here's Neriah again, my Ann. I am absolutely smitten with her. But I do think I need to restring her. Her elastic seems too thin and she's very tightly strung. I just dread doing it because of her tail, heh...
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    6. The whole family is together now. Thought i'd play around with some fake florals i have from wreath making days!
      [​IMG]Time to relax by Bunny+Bee, on Flickr
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    7. Oh noooooo the new fox Tina is beautiful. I wish I could buy her separately instead of having to order a certain amount. I can't afford that much right now argh
    8. She is cute! I like that they filled out the group with her, now you've got a few different looks between Foxy, Loxy, and Tina. But yes! I love foxes and I'd love to add either Foxy or Tina to my group to go with my Loxy but that price point is just beyond me for now. Hopefully they continue to be event dolls here and there for a while (and that they release another doll that catches my attention to hit that price!)
    9. She’s gorgeous! What a fantastic faceup. Are her ears and tail magnetic?
    10. Thank you!! The ears are magnetic, but the tail is strung directly to the body
    11. Did any one get the wolves, from the first time glen and Aiden were released?
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    12. Not yet, but they should start popping up really soon! Mine are currently on their way - the tracking shows they were put into a plane a couple days ago so I'm excited!

      The bad thing is, there is a postal strike going on in my country so it might be a while before I actually get them... talk about bad timing. :'D
    13. oh I hope it arrives soon, sorry to hear about the postal strike. When you get it would you mind posting photos I really wanna see as many pics as possible.
    14. @Rabu There's a few owner pictures of fullset Glen on instagram, none of Aiden yet
    15. Thank you just looked :) was filled with joy ❤️
    16. Has anyone ever stringed/restringed one of the 1/6 fox kids? (Ian/Ann/Purple) My Ann is strung so tight it's annoying me, and I'd love to take them apart for blushing, but the placement of the knot is in the middle of the back, and trying to get to it with the strings pulled so tight makes me nervous. I'd appreciate it if anyone had any tips or experience in this! All my previous dolls have had their knots inside the head so this is all new to me.

      Should I even try this? :sweat I'm beginning to think I should just play with them to loosen the strings and try to do the blushing with some clingwrap maneouvres...
    17. I've restrung my Ann with thicker elastic as she was surprisingly floppy for how tight she was. The tail is strung with one of the leg elastics. Of course I didn't measure out enough elastic for it, so I added another loop of it attached to the leg elastic. Basically restringing her was a huge pain in the neck!
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    18. Can anyone tell me if Dream Valley's white resin is paper white or more creamy off-white? I'm trying to match to DFA white for a hybrid. Some of their promo images look very creamy (like this one), in the middle (like so), or absolutely paper white (like this!), and even with owner photos to cross-reference I'm a bit unsure.... what do you guys think? :sweat