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Dream Valley Mini Discussion Thread 2

Apr 27, 2024

    1. Behold, the bird boy! Unfortunately, no pics on the page of him minus the fullset, which is a pity, because I want to see how the wings look where they attach to the body. I'm hoping that Alices' will have more pics, once they get him posted. I'm not sure about him for myself yet, but he's very striking.


      Dream Valley website: 幽谷动漫人形社

      They are sold on TaoBao: 首页-幽谷人形-淘宝网

      Discussion Part 1
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    2. I like that they made the wing arms/human arms easily swappable without needing to go through the pain in the butt of re-stringing the doll. I'm assuming they use magnets somewhat the same as how FL does it on their larger dolls (specifically the FL65 boy, which I have). Generally I loathe mag parts (I re-strung my FL65 body to NOT use the mag arms because I hate it) but in this case I'd say it was the right design choice to make. Especially given how crazy tight DV likes to string their dolls.

      I also really like the crow feet. They look really cool. I can't tell if they're jointed or if that's just painting to have them be 2 different colours. Fortunately for my wallet, I'm safe from this guy despite how cool he looks as I already have a winged guy by DV in my collection (Bethel).
    3. Oh no oh man, I feel targeted by the new Crow boi. That iridescent painting on his wings so stunning though.
    4. They consistently come up with cool new designs and are thus a menace to wallets everywhere. Or maybe that's just me.
    5. Definitely not just you. And yes, the wings look so pretty with the iridescence, though the painting option prices on that page make me wince. The big question, of course, is 'who could this be?' in my doll setting..
    6. Ahhh, yes, the age old question. I thought I had that problem with a doll I recently saw (OT for this thread) but after careful consideration of 3 whole days I know who he is and am slightly ashamed I didn't realize it sooner. My wallet is VERY displeased by this turn of events and is arguing rather strongly against the idea of yet another doll finding his way into the horde.
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    7. Also love the paint job on Maurren's wings and the details of the outfit! And I appreciate that DV isn't afraid to give their dolls tails. :whee: Nicely done design overall, but I'll just enjoy him through others' photos.
    8. He’s up on Alice’s Collections, and I’ve already got him waiting in my cart (the color-matching option with a white body and black resin crow parts). I’ve been hoping for such a long time that Dream Valley would release an anthro crow guy. :D I wish he had more birdy legs like Eagle Rah, but I’m going to get him with the three-part torso in case Dream Valley releases bird legs for boy bodies in the future. I hope they’ll eventually post pics of the color-matching resin option without clothes or body-blushing.
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    9. the site won't load for me unfortunately.

      But we do have a picture of the body now [​IMG]

      Those wings are amazing.

      Also, can you get the whole doll in black resin? because that is AWESOME.

      I do wish his face was a little more mature though. DV have these gorgeous quite grown up looking bodies so I always prefer a more grown up head to the rather child-like soft heads.

      I really look forward to seeing what people do with this guy though. He's gonna be awesome.
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    10. Wow. He looks amazing. I really like how they did the wing arms. And black resin? My wallet is so fortunate that another doll currently is tugging on the want strings.
    11. Sadly those swappable arms likely have a serious propensity to swivel such that the upper arm points straight down, especially with the weight of the wings. I'd guess it's a magnetic joint to hold the arm in the torso and I can see little teeth on the base that are probably there to provide some friction against rotation but I'd be shocked if it's enough. And if it is magnet based there's likely no tunnel to use to run a wire from arm to torso to help provide stability.

      I know many don't care about poseabiily but something to keep in mind if you do. To me it looks like the upper arms are straight down in all the photos, but I'm not certain given the outfit and the how the wing would prop up the cloth.
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    12. Just got notification that my fullset Uncia has shipped so hopefully everyone else will get their notifications soon! :)
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    13. Well DV has convinced me they are not a company for me. Got my Uncia and the doll is ok, but man does the outfit absolutely suck. The string fasteners of every type are a nightmare, one string on the pants popped right off when I went to pull it to tie to the other side, and with my disability trust me there's no excessive force here.

      The coat is so comically oversized it's ridiculous. Like it was made for someone twice his weight with 25% longer arms.

      I think I'll just stop there. I don't even want to know what kind of nightmare putting the jewelry and belts on would be.
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    14. I received my Uncia Full set yesterday and I actually love him! It really was a struggle to put the clothes on though :sweat The only thing I don’t like too much either is the coat. I think it’s supposed to be really big, but it would‘ve been nice to be able to have him wear it properly. I styled it the way DreamValley did in the promo pictures, put all the belts on and now he looks pretty awesome :3nodding:
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    15. Decided to go for Maurren-kind of. I'm doing a split with a friend, and she's taking the body while I'm taking the head and getting the DV faceup. My plans are to stick the head on a Resinsoul girl centaur body. Now to look for a wig and eyes in preparation during the con.
    16. [​IMG]

      Uncia: "Hey lady, that coat's much too big for you. You should give it to me instead."

      Sakuya: "That makes no sense at all. Oh wait, you're from that dream valley neighborhood aren't you? Strange place."

      It had to be done. I figured the coat was too large even for smaller 1/3 scales dolls.
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    17. I got my Uncia a week ago. It arrived in time for my birthday so was a nice surprise present XD I've been enjoying the doll a lot, it poses better than DV 1/6 anthro dolls and I love the overall look of the fullset. I do still wish they had done a light silver grey resin colour (like dollzone's moon white) but as the blushing is lighter than the promo pictures then don't know how well it would show up on a different resin colour.

      I like that the clothes are patterned and hadn't realised there was so many bead/belts bits so that all adds interest to the outfit. I was also quite pleased the wig was styled rather than being a basic unstyled one.
      I only have a couple of niggles, the person gluing in the tail magnet spurted superglue all over his back. And ironically, the magnet fell out as I was unpacking him so I think they got glue everywhere except where it was needed... :sweat

      Also it doesn't look like the blush is sealed as somehow I chipped a bit of paint off one of his foot claws while dressing him. I have spent the last couple of years picking up airbrush bits 2ndhand/ in sales so have a plan I might remove the pink blushing and replace it with grey/ add more details. Then I'll add more sealent to the blushing as looks like it needs it.

      I'm trying out some different eyes and not sure if I like intense cat eyes or the softer round eye look!

      Also, added bonus picture, comparing the doll with Dearmine's Tiger Dune-
      He's so much taller! Uncia is more easy to pose and look graceful, Dune has always been pretty clunky with how his posing looks :XD:
      But yes, tiger and snow leopard anthros have been on my wish list from starting the hobby so i'm happy I can now tick both off! :dance
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    18. Thanks for the warning about the blush! My Uncia arrive this morning and I sprayed him with msc, just in case.

      I have to say, as much as I love him (he's gorgeous!), the tail leave me a little unhappy. It doesn't fit that well on the body even naked, and I just don't trust it at all through the pants. I also don't like that the tip of the tail magnetic, but I imagine it's all to make assembly easier...

      It is not ideal, but the doll is pretty enough I don't mind too much
    19. I typically live in sd-land but, popping over here to keep tabs on DV's 1/4th range folk! <3

      Very sad that I missed out on Howard back-when, definitely would've ordered him. Also, have to second everyone who's struggled with Dream Valley's outfit pieces. I ordered Lloyd (71cm vampire fellow) and his outfit quite literally didn't even fit him. I suspect what might've happened is Dream Valley outsourced the clothing and sent exact doll measurements to clothing makers vs. sending doll measurements +1cm for all circumferences, .5cm for all straight lengths (to allow for fabric give and fit).

      The blushing was unfortunately a disappointment as well, very 'someone stood there and sprayed his ankles, knees, a line down his back, and elbows' and not sealed, so it had rubbed off and smeared around in shipping.

      However, his faceup is the cutest thing, I wiped the body blushing (he looked much better without that mess), and ordered him some custom-made outfit pieces from Pabadoll. Problems sorted!

      Looking forward to bringing home a 1/4th fellow sometime this year (with only faceup), curious what DV's autumn sales will bring.