Dream Valley Mini Discussion Thread

Feb 7, 2018

    1. I'd like to second the request made a little while back for photos of other heads on naked bodies. Specifically 43cm size. I have a winged elf character I would really love to make, using the B4 06 body. But Dream Valley doesn't seem to have any 43cm heads with elf ears so I'm looking at hybrid possibilities Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!
    2. I have Cloris and the head has elf ears!
    3. I think their new Rosa has elf ears, too.
    4. Speaking of the new Rosa... I'm in love! Anyone ordered her yet? I'm thinking of spending my bonus on her... but I won't get my bonus until March! Ack!
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    5. I took my doll apart so I can paint her better. I need to start thinking about a head for her. Anyone have any suggestions or wanna help me search, pm me!
    6. I love the fox. So cute!

      How tall are these dolls?
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    7. Hyaline and Silence are about 17" tall.
    8. My girls finally all dyed, painted, and put together! Heres Enna, she’s a modded Minifee Nanuri 2018 head on the B4-03 body. God I’m so in love with this body!! I was a little scared about this hybrid since it looked like the minifee neck was a good bit bigger than DVs and that the head of course is way larger as well and while those both definitely ended up being somewhat true I think she turned out looking pretty good. Restringing her was a nightmare tho lol

      [​IMG]Untitled by Isabelle8y, on Flickr
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    9. @bella8y aw man, that's such a gorgeous hybrid! i've been wondering how a larger head would look on this body and even though i could find blank photos i had a hard time visualizing how it would look with a wig... i'm a big fan now that i've seen it. the dyework looks real good too!
    10. It's amazing! Your girl is unique!!!
    11. I got an email saying that my order has come in! Waiting to see how much left I have to pay to see if I can bring them home yet. So close but so far!
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    12. I don't know if anyone still wants to see naked body pics, but this is Clorise with her wings. I was so disappointed her wings weren't painted and am afraid to try and take them off to paint them myself.
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    13. Does anyone happen to have Dream Valley white and Doll Chateau/Dollzone white? Are they a close resin match?
    14. I can answer that next month when I pay off mine but hopefully someone else can answer you sooner!
    15. @LuckyXIII Thanks! I'm not a big hurry, just trying to come up with some body options for all the heads I have.
    16. My Doll Chateau guy is a couple years old and may have mellowed, but I can say that my new DollZone and the Dream Valley white are a super close match. I did a head swap on my Vine and Benjamin and it's hard to tell the difference, at least in indoor lighting.
    17. My dc lance head in old white does match nicely the dv msd girl body in white skin, dc/ds new white is more cream.
    18. @Skimo Thanks for the input!
    19. Dream Valley posted new teaser pics on their Instagram. Wolves incoming! I am so doomed.

      I still need to pay off my foxes! There is something I may buy this weekend but if I don't then I'm paying them off since they're ready to ship. just in time to start a new layaway, lol.
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