Dream Valley Mini Discussion Thread

Feb 7, 2018

    1. Nooooooooooooooooooo! To cute. Especially the little ones.
    2. I'm doomed too :lol: I caught sight of them on twitter, those ears are tooo cute! And the little accompanying familiars(?) too!

      Ohhh I hope you'll be able to pay them off soon, it must be tough knowing they're ready to come home :...(
    3. Does anyone happen have (or have seen) a Dream Valley and Doll in Mind resin match or hybrid?
      I was thinking pink skin for DV might be the closest to DiM's normal, but I'm not sure...
    4. 1/4 Mia is absolutely gorgeous!
      Seren is beautiful, too!
      Wow, I have been attached to MaskCat, but now I reallly want Mia....oof
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    5. (I don't know if I'm allowed to post questions here, but I couldn't get my answer anywhere)

      I've noticed that some 1/4 Dream Valley dolls have third arms (Mia, Silence etc.)
      While I do find them very attractive and aesthetic in some ways,
      I just don't understand how you dress them up.

      Can they only wear the clothing included in the fullset?
      Does the third arm come off? (Is it magnetic?)
    6. I have the body with the third arm but the my character doesn’t wear clothes so I can’t tell you about that aspect with much certainty lol. The arm is strung on the same string the body’s strung on though (and btw, is an absolute horror to restring lmao)! I think what I’ve seen most people do is put them in shirts that are lowcut, or the one time I dressed up my girl I had her in a dress with buttons in the back and just stuck the arm between the buttons/ don’t button it all the way up.
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    7. Has anyone gotten their girl or boy body to wear heels with the flat feet? I ask because in Thorn's original promo pictures she's wearing heels with her outfit, but as far as I can see the 1/4th body doesn't come with heel feet.
    8. Does anyone know if the Dream Valley female MSD body is a good fit a Unoa hybrid? Thank you in advance for your reply
    9. [​IMG]

      I can't get up enough courage to take Clorise's wings off to paint them - she is perfectly strung and such a great poser.

      Yikes! I thought I had reduced the pic size :(
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    10. Would anyone happen to have the Elvish sculpt? The stats on him says he takes 16mm eyes. Is this actually the case or would 14mm be more appropriate? I'm not 100% sold on him as I'm still working out the character he'd shell but I'm leaning VERY heavily towards him partially because that 3rd arm body is so interesting and unique and I'm hopelessly drawn to the unusual/unique. That little smirky smile kills me, too, and I really like the shape of his eyes.
    11. Anything stretchy with a lowish/wideish neckline works well. The only thing that totally won't work is a hoodie.
    12. Aaaaaaaa..... i saw their little wolves for the easter sale. I really wanted to get the little canines but i was not about to shell out for dolls i dont want just to get them. I hope that they sell them individually at some point.
    13. Vine's hands are literally the most lovely hands ever! Not sure if I'll ever find ones I love more <3
    14. He looks amazing! Is the third arm easy to move and hold poses?
    15. I've restrung mine so that the third arm has its own elastic loop and can be removed from the body whenever I want, so I can no longer vouch for the company default posing (tho, IIRC Dream Valley strings them rather tightly, and the third arm could hold poses well enough back then).


      The third arm is definitely heavier than the normal arms, and mine can no longer hold a complete horizontal outstretched pose. The easiest I could have them in is a reaching pose coming from above the shoulder, like these:


      I'd say the third arm can definitely benefit from sueding to perform better. Wiring might not be doable as the interior cavity is tight enough just for the elastic alone to fit.
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    16. Thank you! That was a very detailed and thorough response :)
    17. I have a question... Ive been looking at the pictures the 3 armed dolls and it looks like seren and hyaline the special arm has a right hand and silence and elvish have a left hand. Can anyone who owns them tell me if thats correct? Are there both left and right versions of those wonderful monster hands?
    18. Oh my I never noticed that before but I think you might be right! The girl body the thumb is on the opposite side.


      man, if they would sell those monster arms alone you could mod something pretty dang cool with them.

      When they first released them I was all "I want one with two monster arms man!" lol. I hope they do that at some point, it'd be cool.
    19. Oh wow. I never noticed that either. That's pretty cool.
    20. Hmmm I actually hadn't paid attention to that. In company photos Seren has the right-handed monster arm, but the one I received is left-handed (same as Elvish). Upon closer inspection, the monster arm's shoulder joint and bicep both have "L" markings. The hole on the torso's back looks like it can accommodate either arm, though. Maybe people can specify which monster arm they'd like to receive?

      Guess I got lucky because I do prefer the left-handed monster arm. :lol:

      EDIT: Aaaand because I got curious...
      IMO it doesn't look too bad, the shoulder still has its full range of motion. It can work if you ever manage to get a matching pair of the monster arms ^_^
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