Dream Valley Mini Discussion Thread

Feb 7, 2018

    1. Oh dear god it fits the shoulder!??? Omg omg the possibilities of a truely horrifying monster with this! How long does the arm come down the body? Oooo man, the possibilities! <_<
    2. The hand reaches a bit past the knees, I'd say. Not much different from when it's attached to the back. Like this (old picture):
    3. ehehehe that's just glorious.

      I love it. I mean I was thinking them doing like two holes in the back and having four arms but maaan, elongated monster arms are pretty dang cool and horrifying.
    4. Holy sheep-dip! That is hella cool.
    5. Oh thats wonderful! Thank you for showing it in the regular shoulder socket, thats what i was hoping. Maybe ill ask them to know for sure. I really like hyaline and silence as twins any way but really want opposing monster arms
    6. I also had not noticed that. I'll need to take my Vine out and see which arm he got.

      @purple_monkfish I was thinking of doing something similar, and back when my Vine was on order I asked through BJDivas if Dream Valley would sell the monster arm separately, and DV said no.
    7. I wanted to let you all know, I sent Alices Collection my question about the 3rd hand, and Dream valley confirmed there is a right or left option for the monster arm. And that if you have a preference just make the request when you order.

      So I will probably be ordering one of each in the near future...
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    8. cool. Thanks for the info
    9. Any guesses when they're next event might be? Alot of places are having summer events lately. I am ready to order but their event dolls are always really cute, so I'd be really bummed if i just barely missed out because i was impatient
    10. Problem I have with the dv event, much like the events for DC and similar is that the amount you need to spend for the event doll is often so far beyond what I was intending to purchase lol. Fine if you collect sds but if you're into msd that's like 2 dolls or even 3 to meet the requirement man!

      I did the maths on this recently and decided a DV event unless it's a money off one isn't really that viable for me.

      But I do look forward to seeing their next lot of limited dolls, they're always really interesting.
    11. Can anyone tell me if the boy feet really are 6cm by 1.5cm like alice collections lists? And if so do you find normal msd shoes fit ok? I am trying to look into shoes while I wait.
    12. Well im planning to get 2 girls with the monster arm, so like 600$, so i should qualify if i wait for an event
    13. 5.8cm heel-toe and 2cm at the widest part (1cm width at the heel). My old MSD boy shoes (fits LUTS Kid Delf feet) are pretty loose on him and needs thick socks to be comfortably snug. I was actually considering if girl shoes might be a better fit but I haven't been able to get one to try it with.
    14. Thanks a lot.
    15. Yay two monsters! Sadly I can't quite stretch to that right now.

      September is set to be insanely expensive (so much stuff coming out plus so many events) so i'm probably gonna be broke till new year hahahaha.
    16. They posted some teaser pis to Instagram, but I have a feeling it's for SD size. Still, they might have a cute event doll to do along with them. I wish they'd rerelease Peanut.
    17. Do you have a link? I cant seem to find anything
    18. they claimed on instagram to someone they were msd but yeah, my feeling was sd because of their proportions. I kinda.. hope they're sd because then I won't need them... <_< if they're msd I will be in PAIN. Pain in the wallet!
    19. What is their instagram? Searching for dream valley is not working. Can someone please post a link or something? I need to see what you are talking about