Dream Valley Mini Discussion Thread

Feb 7, 2018

    1. Thank you! Oh my wow that is exciting!
    2. I'm desperate to see their faces AND price so I can figure out my budget lol.
    3. Me too! I just discovered that they're up at BJDivas! :D It looks like only the blank heads, limited bodies, and outfits so far, but the outfit listings show everything.
    4. I shows the event details too, cary or gary is gift. Also at first glace i thought i i liked grayson better, but look at cayes' blank pics. His scowling eyebrows are wonderful! Im still getting my monster girls this time but human cayes will probably join them sometime down the line
    5. Grayson (I think) reminds me of Vine... a LOT. Similar smirk lol. Human version is like brothers.

      Ooo I dunno. Smirky smug or sulky with a great nose?

      I love that there's human versions too!

      ARGHHHH this is gonna cost me so much but I love that dang body and I love fantasy sculpts. *sob* DAMN YOU DV!
      I gotta do some careful budgeting now.
    6. Okay maths done, I can do it. But what colour?

      I intended to get a Vine one the monster arm body in tan because I love tan. But what colour to get dragon boy? I dunno if the peachy tones would be as effective but white is a pain to blush I find. Hmmm...
      I suppose I could get him in tan too but that's an extra £60.
      I mean I guess that's not much in the grand scheme of things, especially not if I do it as a layaway for a few months.

      What do you guys think? Are you gonna get a dragon boy? If so, what colour and what are your plans?

      I could also get white and dye it but that's a little intimidating. Still, could look super cool to do one in like purple or red or black or something right?

      I WAS saving up for September events but I suppose I can put the Impldoll order of madness on hold for a year. Might be sensible. I've sort of accumulated dolls a bit too fast and think I need to slow down anyway.
      So maybe i'll focus on the Dream Valley order which is time sensitive, and the head that's being released in Sep I want. If I budget for those two things then I should be AOK... I think.

      Yes, yes I do write endless budget lists <_< hahah.
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    7. I really want just the dragon head on the normal boy body.
    8. the dragon heads are nice aren't they?

      Wigs might be a challenge. I find wigs awkward with horned dolls. Any suggestions there?


      Also so uh.. this happened.

      I was playing with colours and I decided I already have so many blue toned dolls, so many cool toned ones. A bit of crimson is a change of pace right?

      Now of course, whether I work up the courage to actually DYE HIM once he arrives we'll see..
      but I think he could look potentially really cool in dark red.


      With like darker tips for contrast and near black wings.

      Question then becomes, what colour wig?
    9. @purple_monkfish What a cool idea! I bet the crimson would look gorgeous!

      I'm still trying to decide which of the new dragon boys I want. Both the smirky face and the serious one are both pretty, and I like both the red and blue designs. I do like them in the white resin, though, so that's easy enough to decide. Those horns and wings are to die for!
    10. I'm thinking maybe a dark blue wig so it stands out from the black wings... nghhh hard to find though.

      And yeah, I have a real weakness for fantasy sculpts lol, but they're so often waaaaay outta my price range
    11. @purple_monkfish I'm in the same boat with you; plenty of dolls at home that I haven't properly worked on, but I may not be able to pass up snagging one of these guys. The red would look really cool and unique I think! If I get one, he'll be staying white. I really look forward to seeing how everyone styles theirs.
    12. OMG YESS!

      Another chance to get the dragons!!!!

      Its too bad I can’t buy a baby by itself.

      I’ll probably get adela and Gary together. Too bad i cant combine the first and second deals... :( oh well.

      If anyone is willing to sell their carey freebie i’d totally buy it though. I don't know why, but i dont like Xion enough to shell out more money just to get carey.
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    13. I don't think I have any use for the little dragons tbh. I was gonna get Gary because I think he's cuter but if someone would like to buy the dragon I can probably figure that out. But i'm UK based which means outside EU isn't so viable.

      Thing is, the dragons are cute sure, but I just don't DO small animal dolls really. Not unless they have a creepy element hah. I wish they'd rerelease Peanut, Peanut was awesomely creepy.

      Right now i'm impatiently waiting for Angelesque to update with the event so I can order. Hah, COME OOOOON
    14. I will gladly buy a dragon baby off you if you want to sell one.

      This is pretty much me with all the freebies. I like them, just not necessarily enough to buy a doll for them.
    15. Hi guys. Can anyone please tell me if DV ordinary normal resin match well with Luts normal real skin? I would like to put my floating head on the boy body, but I don't know which colour of resin to chose. Did someone try to make a hybrid like that before?
    16. Hey! I’m new to the community and just trying to learn more about DV. I really like all their fantasy sculpts. I was going to get Glen till I realized I missed the order date by a week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to adopt him. DV’s current event is tempting. The little dragons are so cute, but I don’t know if I want to shell out all that money for Adela and Gary or for Cayes (even though his sculpt is really interesting).
    17. I'm interested in the Elvish sculpt. Does anyone have any pics of him they could share? Thank you!
    18. Hi!
      Does anyone have both a Dream Valley doll in WS and a SoulDoll doll in the old WS? I'd like to hybrid my SoulDoll Liddel (old WS) with a Dream Valley 1/4 body but I'm not too sure about the two resins matching. What do you think?
      Thank you!
    19. Hey guys! Was curious about the current wait time? This’ll be month six so was wondering if it’s likely to ship this month or not c:
    20. It was my understanding that the current wait is 6+ months. UK dealer was just getting jan/feb orders in this month so yeah...