Dream Valley Mini Discussion Thread

Feb 7, 2018

    1. ooo! i agree, he looks great, I can't wait to see more pictures :thumbup
    2. @xyuemoto Thanks! It's kind of funny, since they are officially the largest and smallest dolls in my collection. Even with wearing his human feet, I'm pretty sure that Cameron (my Grayson) is going to tower over everyone else!
    3. I could look through DV pics all day, the sculpts are so unique and gorgeous <3

      I had a question about the 3-armed bodies - what's the solution for clothes for them? Does the arm sit up high enough that it can just come out of the top of a shirt with a little extra room? Or would it be easier to have an opening in the back for it instead? I'm not sure I've been able to find a pic that answers that question yet lol
    4. You need an opening in the back. The arm is located approximately between the shoulder blades.

      Kheima wears a decorative scarf (or a long rectangle of fabric) as his shirt. I wrap it around his torso and secure it with a jewelled pin. I can take a photo of it tomorrow if you'd like.
    5. I snipped a small hole in teh back of his clothes for the arm, then reinforced the hole with blanket stitch so it's nice and secure and it's worked really well.
    6. Currently my boy is with my mother, getting fitted for a jacket lol.
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    7. Autumn and Runeleaf in summer.
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    8. ooooooo! i love them <3 that ginger wig is such a nice colour too. and all the little details in your setting, so nice :thumbup
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    9. @xyuemoto Your boys look wonderful! Still love how you did Autumn's horns. And that mini bookshelf is lovely!

      I invested in some wig tape, and now Camus is be-haired! I decided that the red wig I had floating around suited him the best, his fullset wig ended up looking better on someone else!

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    10. @Magnus Vale - Thanks. I'm glad it turned out well and I didn't regret painting over the company horn blushing, haha. Cool how Camus's wig looks to be the exact same shade as his spots/scales.
    11. I love shirts with snaps, they make fitting with wings so much easier!

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    12. The body blushing/faceup is company right? If so I'm definitely looking forward to my Silina when she arrives.
    13. Yup! They really did a lovely job with the painting!
    14. Wow he's so lifelike.
    15. Hi, anyone can advice me how long is the suitable elastic string should be used on DV 1/4 body? because the one i got is really tight...
    16. Besides the length of the elastic in the dolls being very tight, I also found tightness comes with the thickness that Dream Valley uses too. The thick string tends to get stuck in the holes of the dolls. o_o I was surprised when I took one apart. If you take out the string of the doll, just measure it up to your new elastic but a little more. I found using the same length with thinner string makes it less tight but also the doll can get a bit floppy. But that's like probably string half the thickness of the string they used since I stole the string from another doll of mine. lol
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    17. Thank you, this is really helpful! :D Also, I agree that the string they use is thick! I cut my finger with wire when I pulled the stuck string in the holes lol I really need a proper tools set