Dream Valley Mini Discussion Thread

Feb 7, 2018

    1. @LadyMadrigal Good to know! I guess I thought it connected lower on the back, if it's really as high as almost the base of the neck I can't imagine too many outfits being completely unworkable.
    2. [​IMG]

      I actually just got home from vacation and opened my Vine (and he's totally stunning), but has anyone else's DV doll been really tight? Mine has snapped every single ribbon I've tried to use to get his head on, and all to no avail... Maybe it's just my inexperience with any companies other than DC/DZ but I feel like this is absurdly tight for an MSD. :sweat

      I mean, he poses beautifully but I’d like to be able to put his head on without fear of snapping his elastic you know?
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    3. I've also had most of my experience with DZ MSDs , I found my DV to be much tighter than them but I don't remember having a problem with the head. I do find that her stringing allows her to hold poses much better and has highlighted I really need to go through my other MSDs and tighten them to match. Sorry I can't be more help :( your vine looks lovely though! It's nice to see the other sculpts appearing in here!
    4. Yay, Vine! I've been trying to find more pictures of him so I can live vicariously through other people until mine shows up.
    5. Vine!!! So good to see owner pics of him. Thanks for the heads up about the stringing. I generally use ribbons, but I may have to look into a beefier option to avoid popping myself in the face when I try to take the head on and off.
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    6. hes lovely his face... kind of like a demon but gentle
    7. I have received Vine and Hyaline two days ago.
      Vine stole the Dollzone 45-018 body in old white skin I had ordered for another head and Hyaline had an unexpected third arm.
      I love them!
      The b4-04 body is amazing but headless now...
      I am wondering how their normal skin compare to dz/dc pink and fairyland normal ?

      Just a little comparison pic

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    8. @Skimo , wow what a collection!

      how is the posing of the B4-04 body? Any issues?
      And how is the diameter of the string channels? Do they look like re-stringing them would be a problem?
      Any idea what string diameter would be needed?
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    9. The B4-04 body is honestly one of the best posers I've ever had. To be fair I've pretty much only had DZ/DC bodies so far but this body is just the best of all worlds imo. In particular the thigh joints are kind of shocking to me, since with other dolls they seem sort of... more trouble than they're worth? But on this body they work so well even in clothes... it all feels very natural!

      idk about the elastic and interior of the parts, I've been too nervous about how tight he's strung to try restringing him. :sweat
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    10. @0bsequi0us , thanks! I've been having my eye on Elvish for a few weeks and I'd really love to have him.

      'Pity that the girls' bodies aren't the shape I am looking for. I hope they'll create another one: I'd love one which is lanky but still feminine. I have a 'big hips' BJD and it is quite a lot of trouble if I want to make her a pattern for trousers. In fact, I still haven't finished it, and I've been at it for 2 years :XD:. I'd love to have a young teenage girl among my crew.
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    11. Gosh, these hands are sooo beautiful :love
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    12. I'm really tempted to order a whole lot of dolls from Dream Valley. Thinking about Vine as a full set.
    13. I'm sure the ones experienced in bjd have realised this already but. Silence has a tiny head and none of the msd wigs are staying on very well and even the one she came with is quite loose. any I would buy for her in future the ones made for 1/6 scale would be better it seems..
    14. Hello guys! Joining this thread as my Seren has finally arrived! ^_^

      The quality is very good in my opinion. Sturdy and feels solid. The joints are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The stringing is quite tight, as others have already mentioned, and I struggled a bit while attaching the head. And less than 2 months waiting time too! I am very impressed.

      Unfortunately my LUTS KDF Yuz immediately claimed the body for himself, and now I have a floating Seren head with nothing to do. :sweat
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    15. Does anyone else have this problem? Or is it just Silence?
    16. The 6/7 Monique wigs seem to fit well. But I also always use a bit of silicone putty to hold wigs in place
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    17. Im so nervous about getting my doll. And excited. I'm at exactly 2 months waiting and it's killing me. Does the doll come with care and stringing instructions???
    18. I finally placed my order for Thorne with the three armed body. And a purple to qualify for the event Foxy. Doing a super long layaway but I didn't want to miss out on Purple and Foxy is cute, so why not.
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    19. I was eyeballing Vine for a whiiiile now.

      This company reminds me a ton of DC, but with the option of getting the body without the monster-parts (third arm)! I am all over this, but I think I'm more interested in Seren than Vine by now, haha. I LOVE love love the male 51cm body! It's absolutely perfect for my jester OC, and while the face isn't EXACT, I think I can deal with some good modding and faceup work.... I am seriously considering just taking the dive. Originally, I was interested in another doll from a different company, but the body wasn't quite right despite the face being the closest I'd seen. But after the body for this one came across my "you should check out" list, I had to blink twice, and I concluded that I can make one of their sculpts work.

      I like DC for example, but I never can get past that their just a TAD too skinny, bony, or monster-ish. This company has just about the perfect blend of what I wanted from them, and that scratches a major itch for me.

      If I do, it'll be through Alice's Collections though, and maybe set up a layaway. My car-saving fund will not thank me, but I have more than enough now, I think that I can start to pull this off. XD
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    20. Anyone post any pictures of their DV yet? There are only two doll profiles up for dream valley dolls and I'd like to live vicariously through you guys while I wait.