Dream Valley Mini Discussion Thread

Feb 7, 2018

    1. I won't have mine to share for awhile.

      Speaking of these dolls, they have a new advent getting ready to start. Looks like some dragon type event dolls coming. doomed.
    2. Here's Anna Miranda (Silence) showing off her manicure:
      [​IMG]Anna Miranda by Beth Simmons, on Flickr

      Even with the pear-shaped body, I find standard MSD clothing fits well. The only thing I need to watch out for is the third arm, which sits just below the base of the neck. So - hoodies are out.
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    3. Aaahhhhhhh she looks amazing!!!!
    4. Can anyone post naked photos of the Dream Valley bodies with heads from different companies?
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    5. Hmm, those don't look too bad! I was worried different heads would look huge on those cute shoulders. :)
    6. That's my big fear about hybriding. I don't know what would look good on her body
    7. I received my Vine yesterday and I'm in love. He poses nicely, and is beautifully sculpted. This really makes me want to buy the new SD body even more if it ends up being just as nice. I'll try to get more pictures this weekend, but for now here are a few box opening pics on my instagram, Becca on Instagram: “I received my Dream Valley Vine today and I love him! He's sculpted so well. I love his hands and feet. He can point his toes quite well…”.

      Edited to add: Does anyone have any clothing size recommendations for the boy body?
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    8. Bumping the thread to again ask about clothing options. Most of the slim MSD clothes I'm finding online appear to be made for the Fairyland MSD body type, and as such are likely to be to short.
    9. As long as it's not something specifically for the Moe Line dolls, it will probably work. They're just shy of 18". Miri has a good two or three inches on my MNF Mio, who's on the Moe Line body. I don't have an A-Line for comparison, though.
    10. I just realized I never posted here for some reason...

      Maybe I can help a little with some questions concerning the boy body.
      For one, I‘d like to mention that this bidy is definitely one of my, if not THE, best poser I own or owned.
      Check this out - he‘s standing and holding this position without any aids as he came out of the box! No sueding or wiring!

      [​IMG]Souldoll Joelle / Dream Valley hybrid warrior in progress by Wildcard_Snowy, auf Flickr

      He’s also a hybrid, wearing a Souldoll Soulkid Joelle head. I DID shorten the neck a bit to be a visually better fit in this case. For my taste in aesthetics the neck was too long in combination with this head.
      The ws of both companies is also a great match.

      That said, as for clothes... I have troubles giving recommendations, as I make most clothing myself and what he’s wearing in that pic was something that came as freebie with one of my dolls. I believe the pants were Dollzone, but are too short (covered up by the boots). The top is just a normal slimmer msd top.
      If you are looking to buy, I would check and compare the measurements of DCs 50-something body and see if it’s close enough to give it a try. Other than that maybe look into Dollmore Zaoll and Souldoll Vito (girl and boys) clothing snd measurements.

      I‘m currently planing another white hybrid. This time an Unoa Sist head with the 3-armed girl body :3 just gotta place the order now <3

      Edit: And yes, all DV MSDs are on the smaller side of the MSD head size, needing 6-7 wigs. My friends got girls and boys and have confuthis. My Souldoll also takes 6-7.
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    11. @LadyMadrigal I just checked FL's measurement table, and it looks like the A line body is an inch taller than the Moe body. I'll probably just have to buy some clothes and see how they work.

      @Snowy I always forget about the Vito dolls, so I just went and checked and while the clothes are likely to fit all but one of the boys outfits are available for order, and it's sadly not in the colors I need.
    12. @Cloudedmind Damn. Maybe with the coming event there will be more stuff avaible. Oh and maybe check out the NL clothes/body as well. They might be a bit shorter than normal on the legs, but I think they are similar in meassurements.

      What kind of clothes are you looking for?
    13. @Snowy NL? Either clothes in pastel colors or just rainbow colors. So not a lot of dark blues or blacks for once. :P
    14. @Cloudedmind Their Soulkids line with the NLbody (new line). The boys are 47cm tall and while not as slim, might work despite that.
      Pastel, huh? I'm afraid you'll have to see if you can comission that kind of clothes. Or find white ones and dye/paint them, if you can't find them for DC's body. I can't think of a company that has that kind of clothing by default with similar bodies. But for tops I think etsy might aid.
    15. @Snowy Ah, got it!

      And yeah I've been looking on etsy as well, but mostly finding stuff made for MNF sized dolls who are 9 to 10 cm's shorter then these boys, so things may or may now fit lengthwise. It would have to be the non-standard MSD who would demand pastels and rainbows. xD
    16. This is good to know! Thank you! I was considering getting the three-armed body for the Agasa head I'm waiting for. :cheer
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    17. @Bristol Nice! boy or girl?
      I placed my order fotthe 3-armed girl body yesterday. Waiting will probably kill me (again xD), but I definitely know it’s worth it ❤️

      If you do order that body, please share the results <3
    18. I am also waiting on a girl on the three arm body. I really want to paint the third arm black and put a mouth on the palm. Maybe an eye on the back. Either way, I can't wait until she arrives so I can play with her design!
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    19. I can't wait to get my girl! I'm going to put the head up for sale soon after so I can hybrid her!