Event [Dream Valley] The Beginning of Autumn Event

Aug 20, 2020

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      Dream Valley's event celebrating the beginning of autumn is here!

      They've really outdone themselves this time! Behold, the incredible and unique Chaos and Order!

      These gorgeous wolftaur boys are technically 1/4 scale, but it's Dream Valley's tall 1/4 scale; they stand at 52 cm tall.

      The wolftaur body really evokes the sense of grace and majesty of lupines. It is also capable of multiple poses.

      The event dolls this time are the largest event dolls Dream Valley, and possibly anyone, has offered yet!

      Furthermore, with this event, Dream Valley introduces a beautiful new resin color: Chocolate!

      Chocolate is only available during the Start of Autumn Event.

      The current tan resin will be retired, but there are no news whether chocolate will be its replacement. Dream Valley isn't satisfied with their current tan so they are working on a new tan. In the meantime however, they didn't want people to be unable to order the beautiful new dolls in a tan skintone.



      As always, it's possible to order anything available from Dream Valley even if it's not on our site yet. To order something not on our site, simply contact us! :D

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    2. Is it possible to get the chaos outfit, but the order head, or do we have to buy 2 heads then?

      And it would be amazing if the "Wolf" body could be ordered in grey skin and the human upper part in normal/pink skin.

      Are there a long wait time from Dream Valley?
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    3. Could you ask Dream Valley for a blank doll in their Chocolate? Chaos looks like their current tan because of how he's blushed so it's tripping me up.
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    4. He looks much more orange than the headcap color sample they show, so it's tripping me up too. I'm tempted to get him in Chocolate, but I'd like to see that color on a blank doll first, too.

      Since their regular tan looks so bleh-orange in person, I'm hesitant to make a decision yet.
    5. Ironically, I have their tan and it's not as orange as I have seen. I feel like they have batches where it's bleh or okay. lol

      But yes, I feel like the chocolate has been blushed with many oranges and brown that are hard to tell it's a new tan color.
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    6. I think it looks like the "old" tan color, and not the new chocolate. The chocolate looks way more dark.
    7. it looks more like old tan to me as well. Old tan is sort of a caucasian tan, a bit like Barbie's california glow lol.
      Wheras the chocolate looks like it'd be cooler and more brown?

      I'd like to see it on a full doll as well.

      Also yes, is it actually at all possible to order the dolls with the wolf body a different colour to the humany part because that'd be awesome.
    8. Do you mean that you'd like the Chaos fullset but with Order's head? If so, yes, that's possible.

      Dream Valley told us that unfortunately it's not possible to order different colors for the human part and the wolf body because the entire doll is created together.

      Purple resin isn't available during this event, it was a limited time offering for a past event. It might return in the future. The gray resin is a new color that is regularly available.

      The following picture shows DV white, gray, and purple:


      Yes, I've asked them for a picture. They'll send one to me and I'll post it once I have it.

      Chaos is in the new chocolate color.

      Chaos is in the new chocolate resin.

      Dream Valley told us that unfortunately it's not possible to order different colors for the human part and the wolf body because the entire doll is created together.
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    9. Oh no I'm in love @[email protected]

      I have two questions:
      1) I see Dream Valley does a lot of other fantasy sculpts with unusual articulations. Do they include any kind of stringing diagram or instructions with their dolls? If I went with a blank, I'd be wanting to unstring to blush.

      2) Are Dream Valley's chocolate and gray resins uniformly-pigmented enough for seam removal, or is sanding a no-go?
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    10. We're currently in discussion with Dream Valley about making the wolftaur boys Chaos and Order purchasable with different colors for human parts and wolf body. Stay tuned!
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    11. [​IMG]

      Success! It is now possible to order the wolftaur boys Chaos and Order with different colors for human and wolf parts! :D

      The skin color option for the wolf parts will appear once you select a skin color for the human parts.

      The wolf ears are associated with the wolf parts, if you want them the same color as the human parts instead, please state it in the order notes.

      If you have an existing order, it is possible to change to get different colors for human and wolf parts! Just contact us!
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    12. Stupid question, possibly, but I'm a newbie.

      Are the wolf ears . . . magnetic? Or how do they go on the doll head with the wig?

      Also, I'm obsessed with Coco.

      Argh, why can't we all be infinitely rich so we can have as many of these dolls as we want? ;)
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    13. I'm guessing the ears are magnetic, because they're shown attaching without any wig. That also just seems to be the standard for detachable resin ears, from what I've seen.

      I'd be curious to know (if that's the case) if they'd arrive with magnets already inside of them or not. I've seen other companies ship accessories like those where magnets have to be glued in after arrival.
    14. I would be interested in the answer to the magnets question! Maybe BJD Divas can swing by some time in the near future and let us know. :)
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    15. The wolf ears are magnetic. DV has always shipped the accessories with the magnets glued in already, so I'd imagine that would be the case with these as well.
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    16. Would it be at all possible to order one of the wolftaurs with a regular human body (maybe keeping the ears too)? I'm guessing the answer will be no, but it can't hurt to ask.
    17. Not by default, but we can set something up for you. :) Please contact us directly if you'd like to do so.
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