Dust of Dolls Appi discussion part 2

Jan 30, 2019

    1. Thank you for the elaborate answer, it helps a lot :)
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    2. Does anybody know if the Jämas are shipped out? I want to receive mine before holiday at the end of the month :dance
    3. In a few days the Jamas without face-up should ship out =)

      Dust of Dolls is preparing the packages =)
    4. Who else ordered blue Neze? :D
    5. @vanori I did! I just couldn't pass up the opportunity. Especially since I already have ns Coti and Cota and I felt three might be too much at this point. I was really happy to get a chance to buy Neze in that lovely myosotis blue. I have already started a wardrobe for her, I made some socks few weeks back XD. I need to continue this so she'll have something to wear when she arrives.
    6. I did too!
      I'm hoping I'll find an artist willing (daring should I say xD) to engrave her :O
    7. Oh congrats on getting her too :D

      I was not sure about the blue color, but i want not to regret ist to ordering her. I regret it so much with Cöti :O
    8. Yes, I saw photos on Dust of Dolls's blog and you're right, the new COA is a really big surprise but really cute !:chibi
    9. It would be so cute if every doll get a COA like this =)
    10. Yes, you're right.
      Appi Jamä are on road.
      I received an email for the delivery of mine and I can't wait to get it!
      But I'm not at home, so I must wait!
    11. I am waiting too and expect her to be here till the end of the week :celebrate
      What wig size might fit?
    12. I don't know. I try to create wigs by myself now.
      Dust of dolls' blog says "5/6'"
    13. The Jämas with Viridian house face up will be shipped out from Caroline asap. So we should get the other Jämas in 2-4 weeks :D

      Appi fit sometimes wigs from Lati Yellow, but i make Alpaca wigs for Appis - love the softnes :D
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    14. Thank you, I ordered a stretchy wig for lati yellow now. Hopefully it will fit
    15. I've received my Jamä!
      So cute!
      The COA is super original!
      Good courage for waiting!
    16. Congrats for youre little girl =)
    17. Thank you!
      Now I must create a make up and clothes and wig and… Nothing, that's all!
      I saw your Instagram.
      I find your wigs very original and your dolls are very nice.
      I prefer Cöti's mold and yours is beautiful! (I think that I'm going to search one)
      What color are her eyes?
    18. Mine is here too. Made her a wig and a face up even if it is non professional. I realized that stretchy curvy Barbie leggings fits.
      But shoes might be a big problem. She has boots from gugumoda for now but I am looking for something for spring/summer. Any ideas?
    19. Congratulations @Seidenraupe!
      Do you search ballerinas? Did you look at Marcia Facets boutique?
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    20. Never heard from this shop before. I will have a look right now. Thank you for your recommendation!