Dust of Dolls - Doom

Mar 17, 2016

    1. Thank you so much. She finally became my fairy princess. Credit for all of her beauty really goes to Esthy and Dust of Dolls. :thumbup Doom Bomi/Wawa are just these one time releases and if you miss out then it's very hard to find them later. I was really lucky... I just saw her on the forum without knowing much about the brand and I kept going back and back to her listing because I found Mab enchanting.:love

      Wawa is a definite this year! The only drawback about the larger 1/3 dolls is their inability to stand. It is incredibly difficult to get these lovelies to stand up. I tried moleskin sueding and the results just weren't good enough. Hot glue sueding is the way to go if you decide to welcome one. :3nodding:
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    2. @nakitaninja I tried sueding her (with a makeshift suede) and it's not perfect, and does not stay in place, meh! I might peel it all off and hotglue her. At the moment, mine is on a saddle stand and I carefully arrange her legs that so that she does not topple over.
      On the other hand she had one of the best and cute sitting poses of all my dolls... and is so cute (but that goes without saying, hehe)...
    3. @Blablette I was so scared to try hot glue sueding but my fears weren't really needed- it's crazy easy! Here is the tutorial I used. (I can't remember who else was worried about the process so I thought I'd add the link.) You literally can't mess it up and if you do, just wait a moment and then pell off the old suede and reglue. It's the closest I've been able to get to having her stand almost on her own.

      She is a gorgeous, wonderful sitting doll- 100% but I love being able to stand her and not be scared she's going to take a dive and smack her face.:aeyepop:
    4. Wawa will be on preorder from 09/14 to 10/14 :) I love here face SO much, she's gorgeous :love
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    5. She really is! She’s tugging at my heartstrings so badly, but I don’t have a character in mind for her, so I’m struggling to decide if I should get another Doom girl. It’s so hard to get DoD girls later if you regret your decision, I think that’s my main issue, haha. I was so happy to have Bomi and then I missed Appi Cöta and cried my eyes out when I realised my mistake. I just found her this week (cried again), so she’s on her way home, but I’m so scared of another emotional rollercoaster. It’s only DoD that gets to me this much, it seems :)
    6. I relate to this so much x) I'm in love with all of their molds :XD: Did you see the new girls for the Ldoll event ? They will bring a new Doom, an Appi and a Cham !
    7. I did see them yes! They’re all lovely, although I’m very happy that none of them speak to me as much as Bomi, Cöta and Wawa. DoD have said that they will also bring some older sculpts, although I don’t think there will be a Doom girl there.
    8. Hello!
      I have been very lucky in finding a Bomi on the secondary market and she arrived last week. Although her kicky legs are driving me crazy her lovely face makes up for that!
      Her name is Elise.

      [​IMG]Dust of Dolls Doom Bomi by anne-uk, on Flickr
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    9. In case anyone missed it: DoD reopened the preorder for Wawa until Dec. 4th
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    10. @moggyuk Conrgats on your beautiful, new girl! Those kicky legs are the exact reason why I didn't order a Wawa the first time around but now that the preorder has opened again....:kitty1
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    11. Here is my Bomi - one cute lovely and very stubborn thing :lol:

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    12. I love Bomis:D She is one of long time grails of mine.

      And feel little bit down since I didn't get Wawa, she was the most precious thing ever. Wish they would sell the heads separately, I'm not a fan of the bodys posing abilities. I love how it looks aesthetically, but the legs are too much of a hassle for me - I even struggled with the appi body which is the same but in 30 cm size :sweat I prefer the thigh joints that my Ellana has, she stands sturdy and has a wide range of motion in them compared to Doom body and the legs don't have that round ball joint in them. But I like the chubbyness of Doom body more than Ellanas.
    13. I have sinned.

      ...and her name is Bomi.

      I'm going to jump through the roof.

      Is there any kind of condensed resource on clothes for these girls? Every time I spotted an outfit for them on Etsy, I always favorited it. Just in case. But they usually sell out fast, and except for the amazing Blablette, are rarely kept in regular supply.
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    14. Thank you for your kind words! <3 ^_^
      There is a group on FB that unites shops for Dust of Dolls of all sizes. If you are on that platform just look for: Dust of Dolls - Love & Share

      I'm looking forward to see your Bomi here ^_^
    15. so bummed i missed the Wawa preorder, her face is just darling. :(
    16. We had some snow, so I took out Masha for a picture. Don't worry, she is quite resistant to the cold ! ;-)

      [​IMG]Sans titre by blablette1, sur Flickr
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    17. Masha looks so pretty and delicate in the snow with the windblown little tree beside her.. Gorgeous girl.
      Blablette are you making clothes for these dolls? dresses and leggings would be most useful :daisy
    18. @pianissimo Thank you so much for your compliments on Masha <3
      I've been running out of time lately but I'd love to sew more ;-)
    19. Oh she's gorgeous! I love these big girls and I saw one for sale on instagram but my tiny house and tiny wallet simply wont allow it :'(
    20. Her short hair and bonnet are adorable, @Blablette <3
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