Dust of Dolls - Doom

Mar 17, 2016

    1. Congratulations on finding a Bomi! There are simply too few around :) As for in comparison with Volks, I find Bomi's skin is creamier, peachier in colour and slightly more translucent. She isn't actually a translucent resin, but she lets a little bit more light through than the solid skin of Volks. Her body needs some work to get it to behave, but boy is it stunning! Mine has actually not had any work done, she has a fancy chair to sit and and that's good enough for me :)

      Here's a link to my girl's album to provide the requested pic spam: Winter
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    2. @Wennie Oh thank you so much for the wonderful reply! I haven't officially found one yet but I am hoping to finalize the search soon. She's just a magical doll and calls to me so very much- she always has.
      It was wonderful to hear the resin comparison and let me know a bit more what to expect moving forward.:thumbup She feels so ethereal! I actually plan to use her with a stand or have her sit so I am not sure if I will undertake sueding her or not? Sueding can make all the difference in my Volks dolls though so I do appreciate the results!

      I think Winter is spectacular and I adore the blue wig. She's so sweet.:love (Is that a blue Ikea throw she's on in the background?! I own that too and have used it for a backdrop as well!) I adored bother face-up options and the wigs- just lovely Dust of Dolls really has a magnificent presentation for their dolls and makes such stunning girls. I wish Wawa would be made on a preorder as well because she is so very beautiful. I cannot wait to see people welcome their girls home!

      Thank you everyone for contributing to this thread, it's been exceptionally helpful!:aheartbea
    3. With a stand or sitting down, I think you will be fine. The only thing she won't do for me is stand on her own and her arms might do more versatile poses with some work, but I already find them extremely expressive as they are. And yes, that's an Ikea throw, I have them in a range of colours to use as backdrops :D Wawa is such a cutie too, I hope she'll be more readily available at some point as well!
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    4. I got my first Dust of Dolls doll over the weekend and she is my first SD doll! All of my other dolls are tiny sized so she definitely shocked me with her size, weight, and beauty! Now I want more of DoD's dolls :love

      Here are photos of her~!
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    5. @JellysFancy - Oh wow, she's an absolute beauty! I love her face-up, who is it by? Also, so brave to pick her for your first SD :aeyepop:
    6. I got Bomi through a trade thus she came as shown in the photos so I'm not sure who did the faceup ^^;
    7. @JellysFancy Gosh, she's absolutely gorgeous! I could be wrong but that looks like it might be the 'Viridian House Version' with some minor alterations? Really, congrats on getting such a beautiful girl. I would love to see more pictures of her in the future!

      If Dust of Dolls does a preorder for Wawa in the future, I think I am doomed. (no pun intended:sweat)

      Here is a picture of the girl I will be welcoming in the next few weeks -Picture reposted with permission from the very kind artist:aheartbea- :

      [​IMG]Dust of Dolls Doom Bomi by on Flickr

      She is very different from the dolls I normally collect but I found myself totally mesmerized by her look. I am very excited to meet her!
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    8. You guys are reminding me that I've not even properly shared my girl. This is Winter:

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    9. Beautiful girls !!

      @nakitaninja Congrats, she is sooo beautiful !! I have already a Bomi but I hesitate to buy this one ahaha x)

      Mine ^-^
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    10. @Wennie Winter is always very, very beautiful!;)

      @Youpla I've loved seeing your gorgeous girl throughout the thread here and on Flickr too. She's completely stunning and the best part -at least to me- is your exquisite face-up work. I'm a big fan.:D+:dance
    11. Yay! Glad to see everyone else's Bomi! They're all so pretty and cute!
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    12. Guys!!! I'm getting a Bomi!!! I'm so excited.:dance:dance:celebrate
      I have her on layaway so I won't actually be seeing her until February (6-months layaway :...() but she's all mine!!! If things turn out for the best, I may finish my layaway early. Anyway, I just want to drop-by and share the news.

      *Sorry for the exclamation marks. :kitty1
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    13. All of these stunning Bomis makes me feel like hitting my head to the wall because I didn't order her right away:lol: I missed one of the most beautiful dolls ever.

      I messaged to them few weeks back asking if they have planned on re-releasing her on different color. I would love to have tan Bomi! They weren't sure. They said that is there's enough interest, then they might do limited sale for her but it's not going to happen anytime soon or at anytime. So the chances for that to happens are fairly tiny.

      @Youpla your Bomi is so expressive! I love her faceup you did to her.

      @Wennie Winter looks so delicate and fragile >w<

      @nakitaninja She's absolutely stunning! :aeyepop:

      @angelie23 Ooh, congratulations! I hope that you are able to finish the lay way sooner, so you can get your precious beauty home soon:D
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    14. I wish I had gotten one too <3
    15. @nakitaninja thank you so much <3 I really like Esthy face-up but I like to have a unique doll x) I'm happy that you like my work on her ^-^
      @angelie23 congrats !! :)
      @Tuulen thank you ^-^
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    16. Ahhh i actually just bought @JellysFancy 's Bomi, she's my grail doll. ;w; after i got my appi mëel i knew i had to have more DoD dolls. So beautiful!
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    17. I can't wait for you to get her! She's absolutely gorgeous! I'm just more into smaller dolls so the funds went into the current DoD pre-order but my loss is your gain <3
    18. I can't blame you! I feel like the Appi size is such a perfect size. I didn't discover bomi until after the pre-order had ended and i was so sad! She's going to be my first SD too.

      Tracking says she's out for delivery RIGHT NOW!!
    19. Ooh, how exciting :dance
      Will you post box opening pics here? ^A^
    20. Things have been quiet around here. Anyone have their beauties to show? My Winter got a small make-over and I renamed her Autumn. I changed her entire story and made her a new dress in a different style. I’ll have to find her some new eyes at some point, but I have yet to decide on the colour (I tend to be drawn to teal and purple, but half my dolls already have that, so I probably should try something else)

      Here she is:

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