Dust of Dolls - Doom

Mar 17, 2016

    1. You have a very nice girl. I also have Bomi, but I did not want to wear it .. And now I look at your beauty, and I think that I will also sew an outfit on it.

      Makeup at my Bomi from Verdian House. I look at the makeup of this author from other doll owners, and they are so cute! But my Bomi seems to have thicker brows than other dolls. So I did not order a make-up for this preorder. I'll do it myself.
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    2. Awww, the fabric for the dress is perfect! Your autumn is wonderful, @Wennie !

    3. Thanks so much!

      Thanks! You should, it’s really gratifying to see them in something made for them. It’s a shame yours has thicker eyebrows. Mine is just perfect, one of three VH face-ups that I have here. She was my grail face-up artist for ages, so I couldn’t resist getting my Bomi painted by her. But the face-up can really make a huge difference and if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work :)
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    4. My poor girl has been waiting patiently for me to finish her face up which now with fall underway in my area I need to step it up before it gets to cold to seal her without issues. I also need to finish her wig which I started before I started on her faceup and now I have to wait until I'm done with her faceup lol
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    5. I have such problems. I never finish it, and start a new one. And then I have to go back and finish the unfinished. I hope you will succeed. And you show the photo of your doll here.
    6. Good luck!
      I realised that 12mm Mako eyes fit Bomi, which is perfect because they are my preferred eyes. She's borrowing a pair of grey ones until I can get some funds together and figure out what colour to get her. Can I request Bomi spam, preferably with different eye colours?
    7. Autumn is here and my sweet Macha deserved some warmer clothes, I think she's happy with what I made for her :)

      [​IMG]Macha by blablette1, sur Flickr
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    8. My Doom Bomi, whom I've named Darla, came a day just before Christmas. Since then, I didn't have time (and was too lazy) to actually take photos. And so, here's a long overdue photo of my Bomi. Excuse the messy background though.

      One complaint I have concerning this doll is that she can't stand and that drives me nuts!!! :horror::...( I have sueded her (actual suede) and she still can't stand properly. Although, she does look amazing sitting down. But!!! I really want her to be able to stand. Any suggestions? My guess I will have to do something about those massive joints below her hips. :sigh

      [​IMG]Darla by Alsvieth Hropter, on Flickr
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    9. @angelie23 I have the same problem. I also sueded but I think I may have to go the hot glue route. She's a stunningly gorgeous doll but the body is just flawed in the fact it cannot stand. Congratulations on your new girl and don't let her 'kicky' legs take away too much joy. She's still breath taking to behold.:aheartbea

      @Blablette She's beauitful!!!:love:love:love Do you ever sell Doom Bomi clothes on your Etsy? I would love a place to shop for my girl.
    10. @angelie23 Mine also has problems standing up, she has some "suede" and I had hotglued her, but it's still tricky. But Bomis make up for that in being sooo cute! ^_^

      @nakitaninja Thank you so much! Yes it's planned in the future, but not just yet now. I'm not sure though we're allowed discussing this here... ;-)
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    11. @nakitaninja @Blablette Thanks! I may be frustrated with her but her face is definitely the cutest. The resin quality is also great...very smooth and heavy. The pros and cons cancels out. XD
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    12. @Blablette That's great news! I'll keep checking in the future. You make beautiful things~ :aheartbea

      @angelie23 The resin quality is amazing! I really love her weight and color. I'd still buy a Doom Wawa or another Bomi if it ever came back for sale. I really, truly love these girls despite their inability to stand.:3nodding:
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    13. She's extremely beautiful
    14. Thank you. :XD:
    15. Dust of Dolls is having a preorder for Doom Wawa this summer!
      Is anyone here going to get her?
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    16. I am powerless to resist her! So it's a YES from me :love
    17. I really wish I could! But I will be heading to Ldoll in October and if I spend any more of my doll funds, I'll be flat broke there :P I will be living through others, but perhaps I can get a DoD cutie at Ldoll instead. Probably not Wawa, though. I have finally found the story for my Bomi, so the last thing I should do is start the whole saga for a characterless big doll again, haha.
    18. I have to preorder a Wawa... but the wait is going to KILL ME. She's so beautiful though. I have to say... even though my first love was always Volks dolls... Dust of Dolls resin is so gorgeous, heavy and smooth, I'm a huge fan. Once I met my dear Bomi, I was so in love. I wish everyone could see their dolls in person, they are even more beautiful.

      If anyone is on the fence, let me assume you preordering Wawa is the way to go. :D Thank you @Nyo for offering her. We are all terribly excited!:aheartbea:dance:aheartbea

      Here's my picture of my beloved Mab or Mabily who I was lucky enough to welcome via DoA from Esthy. She's perfection and I spoil her the most out of all of my dolls. :thumbup

      [​IMG]Mab by NakitaN, on Flickr
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    19. Your Bomi is so beautiful! <3

      The Wawa preorder is so tempting, she's so cute!
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