Dust of Dolls Roze Discussion

Mar 15, 2019

    1. Mine stands just fine. I haven’t had any trouble with her and I haven’t done anything special. She’s my first dust of dolls girl so I can’t say for sure how the others were but I think they may have fixed whatever the issue was. Or maybe it’s just okay because she’s not as heavy as the Doom size girls.
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    2. Hi!
      I just thought I’d join in here because I was able to join the 2nd preorder for this lovely girl!
      I’m really excited to see what everyone does with this beauty :3nodding:
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    3. Hello, too ^_^
      I also was able to join the 2nd preorder.
      After seeing one irl at a Doll convention I bitterly regretted not getting one at the first preorder, and I was so happy to see that a second one was done, yaaaayyy.
      I'm so looking forward to her <3
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    4. aa I’ve just grabbed a Heln as well!!! Still can’t belive how lucky we are to have the second preorder, I can’t contain my excitement for this girl!!

      This my plan for her, base photo from our cuteasadoll :3
      [​IMG]Untitled by Isabelle8y, on Flickr
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    5. Could anyone let me know her wig size please? Just ordered her :D
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    6. Wow, I absolutely adore this concept, I can’t wait to see it completed :love
    7. She seems to be a 6-7, probably more on the 6 size than 7.
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    8. Ordered mine with a faceup! I'm super excited because I've been pining over Dust of Dolls babies for a while now and Heln is so lovely. I thought I had missed her so I was really happy when they announced a second order!
      I can't seem to find a full set of measurements anywhere though, so I'm wondering if anyone knows where to find that? I'm also specifically wondering her eye size since it isn't listed on the preorder page!
    9. Measurements here:
      Dust of Dolls
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    10. Thank you! I don't know why that didn't come up when I searched online :vein I appreciate it!
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    11. So excited to have ordered this baby in the second pre-order and so happy there will be a few more of them living in the world :D Also so excited to see DoD develop more on the Roze line.
    12. I've also ordered on the second preorder, I was so happy that this was possible as I deeply regretted not ordering her during the first preorder. ^_^
    13. I've ordered her too, couldn't resist.
      Blablette perhaps you'll be making clothes for her eventually???
    14. Aww, yess, for sure ;)
      And congrats for your future Roze Heln. :D
    15. Thanks Blablette, I love the clothing you made for my Lunn :)
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    16. Thank you so much ^_^ <3

      I had the opportunity to hold a Roze Heln during Les Dolls du Lac convention and I'm sooo looking forward to get mine. She is super-cuddly (if you can say that from something that is not a stuffed toy XD) and I found her very poseable.
    17. I was able to join the 2nd preorder for Roze Heln and I cannot wait! I'm also excited to see what others do with this gorgeous sculpt!
    18. Hi Guys !!
      Do you have idea of where I can find some black long wig without fringe and shoes for my Heln please ?
      Thanks a lot for helping ! :abow: