Dust of Dolls Roze Discussion

Mar 15, 2019

    1. Unfortunately, there won't be another preorder for the pêche skin, but she will be available in a dark resin, soon. You can have a look at their Instagram, or at Benjaminbenchan's Instagram to have a sneakpeek.
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    2. Time to start saving up Heln fans. Dust of Dolls just announced on their Instagram that the chocolat Heln will be available to preorder from the 14th of February to the 14th of March this year. :) They’re saying it’s another PNW convention exclusive like last time, but you’ll be able to order her via their website (attendees will receive a reduction in the price). No price released yet, but they said on the IG post that they’ll announce that soon.
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    3. I'm really tempted by the new pre-order, but I'm unsure if her size will be too big for me. I still class myself as a newbie to bjd dolls...the biggest one I've owned is a secretdoll person. Really love the pictures though!
    4. @Rogue : I don't know if it may help you but, Dust of Dolls shows a picture of their dolls on Instagram.
      You'll be able to compare the size of Heln.
      Krot measures 11 cm, Zouh nearly 20 cm without ears, Appi 26,5 cm and Cham 34 cm.
      For Roze Heln, it's about 42 cm...
      I agree that it's a big difference between your tiny secretdoll and Roze !
    5. Arg, I can't decide. Second hand Roze Heln in pêche or join the preorder for one in chocolat? I really like her in fair skin and have only resisted so far as I managed to buy two other dolls this week (oops) ... but the photos of her in the darker resin are cute too.

      I mean, I could get both. I like how this sculpt works both as a sweet, freckled, innocent young girl and a glossy, made up older character. But I'm trying to be good. :lol:
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    6. Gahhh, I caved in and preordered a chocolat Roze Heln. :XD:
      I had initially feared that her price would be much higher, and it was lower than expected, so I ordered her <3

      Who else preordered her?
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    7. Haha that’s awesome, @Blablette :aheartbea

      I don’t plan to preorder the chocolat version, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing everyone get their brown cuties eventually. :D
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    8. I'm on the fence. I caved and bought her second hand in pêche because I love her sculpt so much, but I need to get her a face up, wig and clothes too and really shouldn't start looking at a second one before she's even here. And with the postage system currently suffering delays, she might take a while to arrive. There is a risk, though, that I will love her as much as I anticipate and realise I want her in the darker resin too. :XD:
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    9. I was surprised to find Roze Heln in pêche skin so quickly on the second hand market.
      Maybe it will be the same in chocolate skin?!
    10. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if some of the chocolat girls pop up on the secondhand market semi-quickly. Short preorders like this definitely bring out the impulsive buyers, plus the doll costs so much that I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s first on the chopping block for a lot of people if they need to sell a doll from their collection for financial reasons. P: I imagine they go pretty quick though. :lol: Roze Heln is a pretty popular doll atm if the amount of likes I managed to get on IG with my girl compared to what I usually get are anything to go by.
    11. wow, roze heln is gorgeous. definitely a grail for the future. :chomp: im so excited to see what heads they put on the roze body! maybe something similar to lunn :chibi
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    12. hi, have any owners restrung their Rozes yet, I'm wondering what length would be good, and if I should buy her some new string?
    13. The picture of chocolate roze heln was what got me into this hobby so Im really excited! Do people generally have a difficult time finding a faceup artist for their dolls (especially for darker resin)?
    14. Hi, guys!
      Today ordered my very first tanned doll from this brand. I was admired from Appi Jama first, but seems brand place their preorders only 2-3 times a year, But I’m soooo damn impatient ! I wanted so badly this rich booty girl in TAN :love
      Yeah, someone already said about impulsive buyers, but she is so gorgeous guys, I cannot resist :drool
      If anybody know how long they usually make their preorders?
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    15. Its been a while… but entered the pre-order for that sweet divine chocolate girl...
      She already has a name! Incredible!
      Now the wait begins...
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    16. Congratulations with Choco Heln :)
      Cannot wait to grab her, but it will take a while indeed...
    17. just found out that some minifee shirts are a bit too tight on roze heln, but sd13 tops actually fit pretty well if you don't mind tucking it in a little
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    18. Hello all.. I just bought a second hand Roze on ebay and I am looking for clothing that fits and shoes? Can anyone point me in the right direction?
    19. I find that sd13 sized skirts and shorts and Minifee size shirts fit her well. petitepepito's clothes on Etsy fit my roze nicely, the pants are just a little long, but she told me if I order something else she can adjust the length for me of it, so I'm sure she could do that for you as well.
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    20. Thank you for responding :) I really am excited to get her.
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