Dust of Dolls Roze Discussion

Mar 15, 2019

    1. this is my Roze in a SD size dress from kouri carousel, and a Slim MSD shirt underneath, I could tighten the top half of the dress slightly, but I don't really mind

      [​IMG]IMG_9474 by Juliana, on Flickr
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    2. @julianakrainak How lovely she is :love She looks like real girl in this pretty outfit :thumbup
    3. She is gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing.
    4. thank you so much !!
    5. thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it :)
    6. Changed up Tris’s outfit a few days ago and ffff I love her so muuuuch. :...(:aheartbea She’s one of the dolls I have that really rocks the heck out of high-waisted bottoms.


      Can’t wait for the lovely gal behind SMPdoll to eventually get her Chocolat Heln. :lol: We’ll have someone making cute, modern Roze-tailored clothes in the future. Always makes me happy when some of my favorite seamstresses get my favorite odd-sized dolls in their collections. :XD:
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    7. @Singull she looks amazing! Hot thing! :love
      Hope this year chocolate heln preorder will be done
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    8. Thank you! Isn’t she just~? :love I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s chocolat girls too and hope they get to everyone soon.
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    9. Hello everyone,
      It’s been a while. I want to ask if someone of us who enter an preorder of Rose Heln Dust of dolls held in March got any last updates from company about delaying time or something?
      im a bit confused, cuz they stop their activity in social media just after preorder was closed.
      I know it’s everything going not as planned way, because Of Covid, but it’s normal to give some feedback to customers or I’m worrying in vein...?
    10. My baby has a face! And a wig! And clothes! None of them have arrived home yet but when they do I'll report back about fit.

      Does anyone have any eye recommendations? I have literally never purchased doll eyes before (every doll I have is wearing what they were sent with) and although I've got her down as needing 12mm I don't really know where to start. Will anything labelled 12mm work or am I looking for a certain style/shape?

      The eyes I got with her are suuuper dark (I'm not sure if we all got the same colour) and I've gone for a very light, natural, young look for her, so I feel like she needs something paler. *sigh* I do wish you could get extra face plates for this doll. I love the photos of her face up I've been sent, but I'd also like to have a heavily freckled version of her, and a made up glossy version, and ...
    11. Hello. I can't find a Cham thread, can anyone direct me? I ordered Cham Byol in November, it is March now and I have received no doll nor any word on her status. I have sent emails and received no reply. Are they okay? Are they busy or not working? I'm worried.
    12. Hello,
      When did you sent mail last time? I’ve been sent an email them and waited answer around 1 week. Whey said that still waiting an answer from their factory and apologized for lack of information now. But it was in the beginning of April.
      I think we are all stuck. But I hope they will give some information in their Instagram or website soon.
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    13. Thank you, it has been about a week and a half. Maybe when the new week starts I'll get a reply. Which doll was if that you inquired about? The Byol preorder was in November....
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    14. @Leieq I hope you’ll get reply. I start to worry, when company stops posting in their social media, and their representatives stops promotion. There are no any feedback in Instagram, no communication. That’s a bit strange because people surely worry. Now is hard time for everyone, and lack of information are definitely stress. I entered their last preorder on Rose Heln. And I really sad to know that even previous preorder also in limbo.
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    15. I sent another email yesterday... but yes I am very stressed. Their last communication on Facebook was about extending layaways but no other information. I've just been laid off from my job too and really can't afford to have hundreds of dollars go missing like that.... I don't think Dust of Dolls has a bad reputation but any information from them would help.
    16. @Leieq I think everything will be fine, I hope they will popup soon. I mailed them too, when I’ll get some news I’ll keep posted.
    17. I am sure everything is fine with them, France seems to be quite affected by the crisis though which is why i assume there haven’t been news for a while.
      If I’m not completely mistaken they posted on Facebook recently that the dolls are with them now (both cham and roze) but that due to their mail courier currently not shipping internationally they are trying to find other couriers in order to ship all the girls to their respective owners as soon as possible :) :)
      Regarding the roze I was actually very surprised about her arrival, I have the feeling that went very fast :)
      ((Also my profuse apologies for not offering a link to the source but I am not personally on Facebook hence I cannot insert their post but maybe if someone else found it that might help to ease ppls minds :))
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    18. Yes couple of days ago I received their mail, that they posted new on fb.
      They got Rose an Byol and expect to get Cota by July.
      For now they looking for opportunities to send dolls but seems French post can send them only without any tracking and insurance. So they definitely on line with buyers.
      But current global situation with post craziness, they are also in waiting mode. Hope that everything will going clear soon.
    19. I hope so! I missed out.
    20. Roze Heln is such a great doll. I'm in love with her face and body :aheartbea (not her poseability though lol) I have to say my favorite part are her thighs, TOO CUTE!

      Here's my girl, who still needs a name

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