Dust of Dolls Roze Discussion

Mar 15, 2019

    1. Drive by photo spam time of Tris again. :sneaky:aheartbea


      This girls thighs still kill me. I have yet to make a serious attempt to cover them up. :lol:

      Anyone here hear about their brown gals yet?
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    2. Hi dear all,
      Did someone got any feedback from DOD concerning Rose Heln Choco w/o make up? I saw they posted stories in Instagram, that they start to send them out.

      Just wondering if anybody received mails from them?
    3. @Eva Brown I’ve seen a few people on Instagram starting to get their blank girls, no idea about shipping notices though, sorry!
    4. @Singull Thank you for the info. Yes, I saw pictures from couple of owner in Europe and Russia. Seems they shipping by bunches.

      She is so cute :love I have to say
    5. @Eva Brown No problem! I love my peche girl, but boy I’m super excited to see all the snazzy custom faceups on the chocolat version. :love One of my favorite seamstresses just got hers too... > w > So excite for another source for clothes for my girl~ :aheartbea
    6. I got my blank choco Heln on Tursday, she is amazing!!!
      The colour of the resin is beautiful and I'm having a blast faceupping her and finding out who she is. ^_^
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    7. @Blablette oh, congratulations with new girl! I saw in Instagram there are many Beautiful choco pop upped already.

      However I didn’t get any updates about my blank Heln till now. :pout: