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Sep 2, 2007

    1. well, maybe with different make-up...anyway, there is empty page www.dynadoll.com

    2. It looks allot like a Mythdoll.
      Especially the body.
      Maybe Leroi did the sculp...(the mythdoll artist..he also did Abio Angel)
    3. I'm no expert.. But the body leg joints look sorta like.. Volks Swarikko... I think. >.o
    4. the same seller has more dolls on ebay this week. I emailed to ask who the company was and this is the answer:
      "a new company of BJD doll in USA under DYNA PRO INC."

      so another US?/China? company that no one has ever heard of?????
    5. people were saying its a mythdoll yue, but yeah I agree maybe with a diff faceup,
    6. While I don't want to the harbinger of doom, if you check the pictures on mythdoll's site, it looks like the bodies are the same, like the torso, tummy, and upper leg joints. Hopefully, I'm wrong, though, or else Dyna Doll is simply the name for the store, or it's the same sculptor, like said in the other thread.
    7. I asked the seller and they said DynaDoll is the company who makes the doll
    8. Has mythdoll been notified (+_+)''' I thought the doll looked VERY similar to mythdoll's sculpting style.
    9. in comparing to the Yue body on Mythdoll's site I see LOTS of differences to the body in their current (9/6) auction: torso joint location and shape, maturity (mythdoll much larger bust and curvier waist/hips), different hands, etc. The most similar feature is the slots in the thigh joint, but lots of other dolls have the exact same type so for me that's not enough.
      The face has the same general feel to it, but specifically the lower eyes are a different shape.
      so similar in style and general look, but by no means a direct copy or re-cast of the Yue pics on Mythdoll's site.

      or, is it a different doll that is claimed being copied?
    10. There are two different photos of the same head with different bodies on the other thread listed above.

      I don't know where the photo of the head with the female body came from... it is not the body that is currently on the eBay listing.

      If the photo of the head with the girl body came from elsewhere, maybe they put the head on a Mythdoll body for demonstration purposes? A hybrid, possibly? Just a thought!

      I really love the large girl that they have on eBay!
    11. so does anyone think she is a copy?? anmd if so, who? (not Mythdoll - the the body is completely different and I could not find more than one 1/3 body)
    12. Was there any conclusion? Is it it a copy? It seemed so weird to just show up on e-bay like that...
    13. I've posted this on both threads about this now. XD
      I'd say the 1/3 girl looks alot like Fantasy Doll's Nina.
    14. Nothing has been decided yet...
    15. I agree with acanthiel, I think the 1/3 doll looks exactly like Nina, just different wig and face-up.
    16. hmmmmm...... not good.

      I did email the seller and asked if their current angel body 1/4 dolls was made by Mythdoll and this was their exact reply:

      "it is not by Mythdoll! Thank you!"