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Echo Town 1/4 Discussion

Sep 5, 2016

    1. Hi! I really loved your box opening story! It was beautiful! I love ygritte so much and I can’t wait for mine to arrive! :D
    2. @ashvianey Thanks! It was funny since I had wanted an Echo Town but really only get white resin. Then one magically showed up. Sweet. There is something about them that's a bit odd and I like that as well. I really want a Dolores though. Maybe a white one will show up on the MP someday...
    3. I believe Delores is a new sculpt and wasn’t around at the time when they did white skin. Maybe in the new preorders they’ll have white skin? Who knows, but I’d love to have a light tan Delores one day c:
    4. Thanks for the info! That's a shame....
    5. I just made a review of the second body. I hope it is useful to some of you!

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    6. Thank you for the review @Wabbie-chan! It is a beautiful body!

      I agree that this style of hip joint is so flexible and easy to pose. Similar bodies can be found in the Tender Creation dolls and Pasha Pasha dolls. I love the neck joint, too.
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    7. Thanks @Wabbie-chan I like the body but without it coming in white.....I'll have to stick with my V1 body...
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    8. Thanks for the review wabbie-chan.
      @dollhausen how much different posing wise v2 with your v1 body? (Compared to wabbie-chan's review)
    9. @marxwyn I don't have a V2 body but tonight I'll get out my V1 and see how it looks vs that video....
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    10. Thank you so much for the body review @Wabbie-chan!! I should be expecting mine really soon:D
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    11. Just received my Pepper. Those hands definitely very thin. @nufa those dollshe's does look better. I wonder what other hands can also be used. How about iplehouse fid/crea-j or raccoon doll? I just sold my chicline hand parts, but considering the heads I'd like to use with the body, chicline might be too small.
      I might try luts mdf in the meantime.

      edit: so that mdf hands is no go, the s-hook is too big for echotown.
      anyway, here is a hybrid with souldoll head

      #131 marxwyn, Sep 28, 2018
      Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
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    12. @marxwyn: Congrats on your Pepper! ^^
      Thank you, yes, for my taste they are better, too. I have no FIDs or Crea-J hands to try on. The Echotown's hand socket is really a small one.
    13. @nufa btw I hope you dont mind me asking what colour of dollshe resin do you use to hybrid with echotown?
    14. @marxwyn: Those hands are Dollshe pure oriental resin, the match with Echotown normal pink in real is not 100%, but quite ok. I have ordered new hands in pure fresh (a little bit lighter) to try if it matches better. Not received them, just waiting for. ^^
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    15. Does anyone have an eye size comparison on these girls? I don't like how small the eyes look in the stock photos and was wondering if I could go a size bigger for my incoming girl.
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    16. Received my Echotown Aya today. She came with very tiny eyes (8 or 6mm I think?) so gave her 10mm and like it much better like this.
      For everybody who wants to hybrid her she matches perfectly with the supiadoll resin (NS).
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    17. hello, does anyone have the neck/shoulder measurements for the echo town bodies? I have a delores head and I'd like to hybrid her but I'm unsure if I can find another body that's naturally the right proportions.
    18. thank you! I'm looking to put my girl on the dollzone b45-012 body with a 6cm neck, but I wanted to be more sure the fit would work before I ordered it. if possible, could someone who owns the echo town body please double-check this?
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