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Echo Town 1/4 Discussion

Sep 5, 2016

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    2. I've wanted one of these beauties since I saw them hit stacyspinkocean ... when they finally said they were down to their last Delores, I couldn't resist and pounced! Ygritte had been my first choice when I initially saw them, but I fell more in love with Delores the more I looked at her slightly pensive face. I can't wait for her to arrive! ; n;

      Now I kind of want a fashion size Dollshe Saint to go with her ... I wonder if the proportions would look alright together?
    3. @lavalunar I'm not sure if you already found an answer, but I don't think Echo Town and Dollshe would be great together. I have both Dollshe fashion girls and ET girl and they look like they're from different universe. The head size is so different and the Dollshe men aren't that different from girls.

      So I got my Delores last week and are working hard to get her finished soon. I love the body and how posable it is. The only thing I don't like are the hand. They are too small and flat for my taste and also fragile. Luckily I was already planning to change the hands into Dollshe fashion hands as it happened when I was trying to take the hands off two fingers got broken. :whee: This is the first doll part I've ever broken in all the time in this hobby. That being something like 11-12 years. :lol: No problem this time as I wasn't planning to use the original hands anyway.

      Does anyone know what firm would make pretty tan hands which would match into Echo Town tan? I'm very tempted by the lovely ET tan but unless there's an option to have better hands in similar color I just have to forget about it. I know Dollshe's tan wouldn't match at all which is a sad.
    4. @AnnieStar : Congrats on your Delores!
      I own an Ygritte in normal pink and changed her hands to Dollshe Fashion hands in oriental skin. I didn't like the form and the size of her ET original hands. But I do love the Dollshe Fashion hands.

      I have ordered Ygritte (one more) in light tan and waiting for her. Never seen the light tan skin in real, though. I am planning to try the hands of Olga Litvinovich author doll, those hands can be ordered separately, have ordered them, too. There is a coffee-milk skin tone, which I hope could be quite ok resin match for ET light tan, but I don't know, I just hope.
    5. @nufa Thanks! I really like my Delores and especially the body. I also have the doll in pink and Dollshe hands in oriental. I think it was actually you and your lovely Ygritte which gave me the idea to switch the hands into Dollshe Fashion. Before that I wasn't feeling comfortable to order ET doll in case I would never find better hands for it. So thank you for making the experimental work for us all! :lol:

      Oh, you're so lucky to be waiting for a tan Ygritte! I think she might be the one I would choose in tan too. Or Pepper. I don't know, they are all so pretty. Great idea with the hands, I hope they'll work out. Please inform us when you get to check if it's doable. In the meantime I'll continue dreaming of a tan ET girl and hopefully start saving money for one. :)
    6. @AnnieStar : Thank you, I feel pleased that my experience with Dollshe fashion hands was useful. ^^
      I will tell you about the results of my try with those hands in coffee-milk. ^^
    7. Are these dolls gone forever? Or just on a bit of a hiatus? I found them through another thread talking about hybrids and resin matches, and fell in love with their shade of tan, but when I checked both Taobao and Stacy's, the dolls appear to be completely out of stock.

      Has there been an announcement anywhere? Because the Taobao shop still looks like it would be in operation, and Stacy's claims to have limited stock, despite the "sold out" markers, so I'm confused to say the least.

      Really hoping that they've not completely gone, because they really are quite stunning, and I love their height and willowy proportions!
    8. @rougeaerie As far as I know, the dolls are still there. Shortly the artist has exhibited her beautiful dolls in Moscow at one of the greatest doll exhibitions. So, she is there and working.
      What you can do is to ask the artist lusi.q directly (there is her email on her IG account).
      I have asked her directly and she sent me an ordering formular per email. I have ordered Ygritte in light tan. I was said the waiting time is appr. 5 months for light tan dolls, so I am waiting for mine (ordered her in November 2018). ^^
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    9. @nufa - thank you so much for the info! I saw some exhibition photos on Instagram while searching, so it seemed odd that the shops were so empty
    10. I recently discovered these as well and they are stunning. I was searching for a little while and luckily Delores and Ygritte popped up in the market place. I'm so excited for them to arrive, and I'm trying to find clothes that might fit them and their aesthetic.
    11. So at the moment I'm in the process of making some changes to my collection and I was taking some pictures when this cheeky creature stole a body...
      Souldoll Kid Junia head. Thought it might be useful for anyone considering a hybrid with the Echo Town body.
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    12. She looks wonderful @kurtik! What a gorgeous dress, and her hair and environment really complement it.
    13. Many-many thanks!
    14. I see all these amazing pictures of y’alls echo town girls and I always wonder where you get your wigs for them ;-; I can never find a good wig for my girl
    15. Monique`s wigs 5-6 fit well. On my photo - this wig 5-6: Gatsby
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    16. [​IMG]
      I got as far as their collars but that’s it. It’s going to be a while before their outfit materialize. And they need wigs too.
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