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Echo Town 1/4 Discussion

Sep 5, 2016

    1. Oh wow really a 5-6 wig? I thought they wear size 3-4 wigs :? I had bought a 5-6 wig and it was too big for my girls head :(
    2. Among Monique`s wigs fit exactly 5-6, 4-5 is too small, 6-7 is large.
      And I discovered that Tonner Deeanna Denton shoes fit for our dolls, I think Evangeline Ghastly shoes are too large.
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    3. Oh okay! That’s so nice to know! Thank you :D
    4. I have received my Echo Town Ygritte in light tan today. She is my second Ygritte, I just love this mold. The first Ygritte was (is) in normal pink resin. Here is my new girl in light tan:

      2019-04-23 Echo Town Ygritte in light tan
      by nufadolls, on flickr