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Echo Town 1/4 Discussion

Sep 5, 2016

    1. Oh wow really a 5-6 wig? I thought they wear size 3-4 wigs :? I had bought a 5-6 wig and it was too big for my girls head :(
    2. Among Monique`s wigs fit exactly 5-6, 4-5 is too small, 6-7 is large.
      And I discovered that Tonner Deeanna Denton shoes fit for our dolls, I think Evangeline Ghastly shoes are too large.
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    3. Oh okay! That’s so nice to know! Thank you :D
    4. I have received my Echo Town Ygritte in light tan today. She is my second Ygritte, I just love this mold. The first Ygritte was (is) in normal pink resin. Here is my new girl in light tan:

      2019-04-23 Echo Town Ygritte in light tan
      by nufadolls, on flickr
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    5. @nufa Congrats, she's gorgeous! Love the tan skin. :D Are you still planning to change her hands or got any idea where to find a pretty hands matching the skin tone? I'd love a tan doll too, but those hands need to be changed first... :doh I've seen people hybrid ET body with Minifee heads and the resin colors are pretty much identical. MNF hand wouldn't probably work but maybe this helps to find more matching resins as if the resin matched Fairyland tan it should match with ET tan too.

      Have you guys seen the new becoming head mold F? There's few photos on instagram (first 3 pictures): Lusi.Q (@lusi.q) • Instagram photos and videos I like her a lot and think she could be a good match to my Delores as they look like they could be sisters.
    6. @AnnieStar Thank you very much. She is really lovely in this color. :3nodding:
      I have to say - the light tan is not really that "light", it looks a little bit too dark for my taste.
      I am not very familiar with all the tan colors, she is my first tanned girl.
      What I have tried but without success - the author hand parts by Olga Litvinovich in coffee-milk.
      The resin match was unfortunately terrible, that resin has quite different undertone, so I let the original hand parts on her first till I can find something better.
      I suppose the Popovy Sisters in moka color can be probably a good color match, but the hands itself are quite small because Popovy dolls are smaller (39 cm). I don't have any other ideas to help the problem with the hands. Dollshe hands are still my favourite form, I would love to find them in a matching color, but I will not order at Dollshe anymore and I don't know anything about the tan colors of his resin.

      I have ordered new Echo Town ballet feet in light tan. ^^

      Yes, F face looks amazing. ^^
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    7. @nufa that's so sad that those Olga Litvinovich hands doesn't match. The hands itself look so pretty and would have been a good match style vice. I have Dollshe Copper Oriental girl at home and that color is too light at least for Fairyland dolls so I would assume it would be so also for ET dolls. Dollshe's next tan color Pale Tan is way too dark to match either on ET or FL tan. I have no idea where to look either. I do have many tan dolls but most of them are Minifees. I also have a tan Youpla Dolls bid and the tan is quite different from FL tan so that most likely wouldn't work. Oh how I wish the ET would just design new hands for the dolls. She makes such a lovely bodies and feets so I'm sure she could make a beautiful hands with more realism and with more accurate size for the dolls too. Maybe she just likes petite hands herself.

      Oh the ballet feet are so pretty. I'm thinking of ordering them too one day.
    8. @AnnieStar: Yes, it is sad. Thank you, it is good to know about Dollshe copper oriental and the pale tan and about Youplas tan, that they probably don't match. Matching two tans is not easy.
      I wish Echo Town would design some other hand parts in the future, too. ^^ Perhaps it is her vision of the hands, thin, small and delicate, we don't know.
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    9. Hey guys! I was scrolling through AliExpress looking for clothes for my echo town Ygritte and I saw Delores was for sale on there :( it sadly got recasted and I’m deeply saddened by it. I thought to let you guys know. Please be careful when buying an echo town Delores, ask for coa’s!
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    10. Wow, these girls are so gorgeous! I'm glad to see doll companies adding more joints and really focusing on posing!
      Sad about the recast crap, but hopefully that doesn't dim the progress of these beauties.