Elfdoll (8-inch)

Aug 21, 2006

    1. false alarm ;(
      I got Gumdrop eyes ...gorgeous , and a Pullip Dal ...cute ...but not my Elf ;(
      then postie bought me Vampire Gold Eyecandies ...which I forgot I ordered and havent got the doll now LOL
    2. Oh dear! Tomorrow I hope then! x3 ahaha, and @[email protected] oh dear on the eye front! maybe you'll find a use for them? XD My snakeyman is currently getting harassed by tea and crumpet x3 pictures when I find my camera wire!

    3. Delivery attempted Saturday, but as I use my husband's office for shipping--no one was there. Alas. Now they have arrived. I am getting my camera ready to open the box.

      AnnTagonist--If they are half as cute as Tea and Crumpet, I'll be happy. And oh my gosh--Vlad--AWESOME.
    4. Have fun opening the box! My box opening experience was wonderful with these two x3 I look forward to your shots!

      And thank you aha, Vlad hisses happily x3 I think Crumpet is in love xD

    5. Did they come with fully painted faces, or do you need to pay more for that?
      They are so cute!
    6. face-ups are inclusive in the price!

    7. Oh Joy Oh Joy
      Merry Lucy Fee is settled and happy
      wig changed , eyes changed , I am very very happy with her
      I made her a new wig , and Made Tea and Crumpet theirs ,
      she now had Autumn Fire hair with gold eyes , and of course her little horns ...she is seriously cute
      Im have been drafting patterns , between wigmaking , so many idears
    8. Oh fab!" x3 Crumpet is deffinetely looking forward to her wigs and I can't wait to see what clothes you make! I have my thinking cap on too aha.

      I can't wait to see pictures x3!

    9. Tinybear--Hilarious picture with the braids and the horns. A little Pippi Longstocking with attitude.
    10. d'aww I posted a picture of Vlad, Tea and Crumpet on the Elfdoll Q and A as a thank you and they've arrived, here was the reply from Oka:

      Wowwowwow!! Ann, thank you so much for your
      amazing photo!
      I will run to Rainman and staff and show them!

      Thank you!


      I think they like Vlad?! x3
      Made my day x333
    11. Wow Carrie. I love her in the red wig.
      Ann, what a wonderful compliment.
    12. Yes! I was so pleased x3 I think Vlad feels very special x3

    13. Anyone else get notices or anything regarding delivery? Or even just getting your doll? I'm still waiting for mine... T_T
    14. I suggest posting a question on the board!
      Odd you haven't got yours yet @[email protected]

    15. I never got a shipping notice until I wrote on the Q & A board, and then they said she had already shipped--which meant that very day. So I don't know if that was a little push to them to get her out. You could try that.
    16. well, thing was that I placed the order the very first day they were avaliable, but didn't pay until September 22nd due to a mixup. [sigh] I had thought that I paid them at the same time that I paid for a couple other purchases, and accidently didn't pay them right away as I had intended. -__-;;; When I asked why they hadn't marked my order as paid for yet, I was reminded that I hadn't paid yet. T__T So I paid on the 22nd of September, and the email said 15-20 days after they send me the "payment confirmed" email, and it's been 30 days now. I don't want to be rude to them or anything, since I took so damn long to pay >_<

    17. Be patient. Many of these dolls aren't manufactured until the orders are in. These are fairly small companies for the most part and a lot of work is by hand. Elfdoll will come through. If you want to write to them, be gentle. There is a cultural and language difference as well, and extreme politeness goes a long way. Even apologies on your part for late payment and praise for their beautiful dolls will help them want to please you.
    18. this a very good point. elfdoll operate in a country where even slight criticism is very rude, so you have to be careful how you phrase things! It really does help to drop compliments in ^-^