Elfdoll (8-inch)

Aug 21, 2006

    1. Yeah, I know, that's why I've resisted the urge to bother them again. And I've appologized to them regarding the late payment too. I really bad for not paying them right away like that. >_<
    2. -- just some parting words. I had a rather exasperating experience with Elfdoll, and they wound up not helping me at all in the end. So, I fixed Cobweb myself. He hasn't broken at all since I fixed him, and he was an easy fix. I was never unable to fix him myself, I just have to wonder why it is that I HAD to. I'm going to go easy and not state my various opinions on the matter, as that'd simply be silly.

      Regardless, my doll is whole.

      I have also devised a way to keep my doll's faces quickly accessible and secure. I took a tin meant to hold collectable playing cards, and glued bits to hold him in there. Since the faces are magnetic, they want to stick to the tin, and with the glued bits, they roll around less. If you find a tin of the correct depth, it makes an ideal tote for your dolls' faces.
    3. this may be a dumb question and it may have been asked already but my search isn't working....

      Does Hana come with a face up?


    4. yes on all 4 heads :aheartbea
    5. tinybear: Thanks for the info. I am giving serious thought to getting her. She just reminds me of that little girl that was sooooooo sweet looking and yet she could walop all the little boys. LOL

    6. she is great ...she always makes me smile
      a nice size to knit and sew for ...all around great doll
      I like her so much I have had an Angel put on layaway for me :aheartbea