Elfdoll Boy Mir Discussion

Jul 26, 2007

    1. I was thinking the same thing, and Runaways is one of my fave comics, so I'm praying he turns out with that look. I can't wait to see what he looks like!!!!


    2. With Red, they held it secret and just gave us silhouetted teasers, too. They seem to switch off, sometimes showing hints, other times just surprising us almost completely! :)
    3. I'd be willing to hazard a wild guess that revamping the web site has kept things hopping.

      Oh I can't wait to see. I so love my Elfdoll boys...
    4. I'm hoping that the new site reflects an edgy look to this new guy. I wanted a H. Ducan but I am ready and willing to fall for another Elf Doll guy. ;)
    5. Actually if the new site is the new layout I see on here:


      Because it's WAY different from the first time I saw it...
      Which was like last week.

      It's pretty crappy.

      Slow loading because it's picture heavy. Font basically matches the background in most places, so you have to high lite to read doll information. They even spelled "Special" wrong ("Spesial").

      I don't think it compliments anything. ^^ Especially not a new doll (which I still don't see there), though the main site hasn't opened yet.

      Let's hope I'm wrong to think that it's all the new layout. *crosses fingers*
    6. I think Elf Doll was just going for something different, rather than the typical pastels that are all over most of the BJD shops. I applaud them for leading change, but yeah, the site is problematic.

      The spelling can be chalked up the language barriers. Spelling errors can be found on any Asian BJD shop, from Iplehouse to DOD. :)
    7. I just realized it wasn't last week I saw it but like.. Monday. :| 2 days ago. It's when I started researching and having interest in BJD. I swear the layout changed yesterday. That's how recent the change in the site was, if anyone was interested.

      I completely understand the language barrier. Least we can figure out what they mean, eh? :lol:
    8. And remember how with Wu they showed us pictures of just the torso? And we'd had a very early glimpse of Soah but nothing at all about Sooah until she was ready.

      It's never the same twice with Elfdoll, I think that's why they're so much fun.
    9. the siloutte looks so fine! its really masculine and mature, I like that. :) but I cant really imagine how he'll look like. I'm excited tho. Hopefully the site will open today. :)

      PS - I hope he comes with the taller body options like Standard K. ^^
    10. i can't wait to see the new guy!! i love the elfdoll faces, and their body sculpts. they are beautifully made and finished, and are very real looking... i really love them! *excitement *
    11. I wish they'd hurry already! :O I want to get a K when the site reopens, but I might need this new boy instead. :D
    12. (Move along, nothing to see here)
    13. OOOOOoooh.

      Thank you for posting that before my shift started.
    14. Tee hee. I didn't say nuthin. You didn't hear it from me! ;)

      (You're welcome!)

      Here's more info from Dollpeddlar.com (Removed because I don't want to make Rainman cry!)
    15. He is HOT! I really like him, but he's way too expensive. I get it b/c of the two heads, but still, way too expensive for me.

      Oh, well, here's to hoping for a Standard.

    16. I think I will end up caving for him, especially with the second head having sculpted hair. I've been wanting BJD companies to try that with their male dolls for a LONG time.
    17. He's gorgeous, but I can't afford him. If someone was interested in selling the head with the sculpted hair, I might be able to manage that.
    18. Maybe if I don't like it when (when? how did it become when and not if??) I get mine. :)
    19. Actually, it's not crappy - just simple and creative. It has a nice, organic feel to it. Font colours can be easily changed, and I can see everything just fine. It only took a few seconds for it to load on my computer. Maybe it's your computer? ;)

      Also, one would think that you'd be used to such things as spelling errors when dealing with dorrie companies. It's Engrish. :sweat

      The doll: Sculpted hair, hmm? Not sure I'd like that too much. I'll have to see how it looks before I condemn anything, though. He does look quite attractive. I love Elfdolls, but they're so short. :XD:
    20. he is beautiful!!!!! god I love him!!!! I love his oriental looks!

      I wish I could see how much he is! Not that I can afford him- I still need a body for special K head!

      love, love love!