Elfdoll Pinup girl Barbara thread

Mar 11, 2010

    1. OMGoodGreif, she is just amazing!!!!!!!!
    2. Stella Maris, thanks! Yes, she's great
    3. Beautiful! I love her face; I hope Rainman does more dolls with the movable eyelids.
    4. linakauno, thanks! Eyelids are really beautifull but they are installed difficultly
    5. Wow just today I was mentioning how blinking eyelids are kind of a pointless feature to have on a doll and how I was glad dollfies didn't have them. Never knew about her. I'd like to see them in action all the same.
    6. I don't think they blink; you can just lower them to get a different look instead of having a separate dreaming head.
    7. They're actually two different sets of eyelids aren't they? One half closed and one half open. You just swap them over.
    8. kawaii_mon , yes, you are right. Eyelids couldn't neither blink nor lower. Barbara has two couples of eyelids. An open-eyes ones and a dreaming ones. They are anchored by plasticine between head and eyes. I mean at first you install eyelid trying to preserve make-up and and not to crumpled eyelashes, then holding eyelids you attach the eyes. All of this are strengthened by plasticine. If I wanna replace eyes, I have to reinstall eyelids too.:(
    9. Anyone else got their girls yet? I just got a shipping notice for mine last night!

      zlaya0l - I hadn't really thought before about how hard it would be to change the eyelids whilst preserving eyelashes. I think mine just won't have eyelashes.
    10. My girl Cherie arrived on Monday!

      I completely forgot that you get the faceup whether you want it or not, and her faceup was nicer in person than I thought it was going to be, so my plans for her have changed a bit. I still want to adjust her lipstick somehow, I'm not really a fan of the big black gap between her lips.

      The eyelids aren't as hard to install as I thought they would be either, the go in pretty easily without fear of wrecking the eyelashes. Positioning the eyes under them is the harder bit.

      Oh, and as a present she comes with a stool, underwear, a coke bottle and tray!

      And a pic of the rollerskates, because I love them so much:

      I think she needs hot pants and knee high socks for a roller disco look. XD
    11. kawaii_mon, wow! Congrats! She looks very attractive with dark hair :aheartbea What her eyes size and what company they made by?
    12. Oh my! She's fantastic--love her sultry eyes and beautiful face-paint. Roller skates, too? Wow!
    13. Thanks! She has 14mm eyes by ginarolo. These particular ones (I think they're called special light purple or something) seem to be smaller than usual 14mm eyes.
    14. I love how they did her eyes, and the lips would look even better with a little tweaking. I want those roller skates! XD
    15. So, finally, here is my Zocha, she is the NS Barabara. I am so thrilled with her, she is just lovely, and the lovely Elfdoll sent lots of free stuff with her.
    16. Congrats on getting Zocha! They give you so many nice little things don't they?
    17. Wow! Kawaii_mon and Stella Maris, your girls are really gorgeous!

      Kawaii_mon, those skates are great! I think the Roller Disco idea would work brilliant with her!
    18. Kawaii_mon they really do! The Elfdoll packages are so "worth it"