Elfdoll Rainy boy Aden Discussion Thread

Aug 14, 2008

    1. Oh yes, Luanne, you need him. Your Emma needs a guy!
    2. Does anybody have their gorgeous Aden boy home yet? I'm eagerly awaiting owner pics and a standard release ^-^ He is lovely.
    3. Elfdoll is saying end of September before he'll start shipping. Since I've got mine ordered through a US, it will be probably sometime in October before I get mine.
    4. Ahh, thank you for letting me know! =) You must be excited =)
    5. Very excited. I've got new boots, a shirt and a wig all waiting for him.
    6. I just got a Special Lydia from a friend and I am thrilled with her. Her outfit and jewelry are so awesome!
    7. I ordered Aden through Elfdoll, but he hasn't been shipped yet. I'll post pics when I get him!
    8. Looking for a guy now Luanne? LOL!
    9. Can't wait for you guys to post pics of this gorgeous boy! My Emma awaits him. She keeps me shooting me evil glares because I have no monies to buy her a boyfriend. T.T
    10. Right now I've got a power struggle going on between my Emma and Dia over my Spinel. And that won't resolve for a while since my Aden is destined for my Lydia and can't get another doll for a while.
    11. LOL - that's funny, because I thought I would have the same situation when my Emma arrived. Turns out though that Evangeline just wasn't interested. Which is good, I suppose. All the other girls in the house are already in love with him; at least one of them isn't, at least. ;)
    12. Fresh from the Q&A board:

      Hurrah! Now I need to start saving so my poor Evangeline won't be lonely.
    13. That's good news for you chizzie_shark and even better news for Evangeline.

      Now if only my Aden would come. It should be soon.
    14. I'm so happy! I just checked on Elfdoll, and my Aden's status says "On Shipping"! I'm get him at the end of this week!
    15. [​IMG]
      I thought this interesing facts I saw about Aden.
    16. That's great. Mine's on order from DDE so hopefully, they'll be getting theirs soon.
    17. AwakenedDreamer: OMGosh!!! Post pics!!!!!!!!!

      LOL I saw that info too. It's funny how people thought he was "awkward" at first. What a funny description.

      It must be so much fun working for a BJD company like Elfdoll.
    18. I wonder what all has been lost in translation. My favorite Elfdoll description was for the special edition Aurora who sang sad love songs with her smelly mandolin.
    19. O_o

      That made me LOL. Where was this? How did I miss that???
    20. It was the description for the special Lydia when she first came up.