Elfdoll Rainy boy Aden Discussion Thread

Aug 14, 2008

    1. Personally? Ok, I'll now get attacked horribly :). But I prefer older Elfdoll bodies. Not necessarily the size aspect of them but...

      ... ok, I just received the Aden I bought from the 5th anniversary thread. :) He's beautiful. But I have 3 Reds, a tan K and a Wu (my daughter's) in the house to compare him with and I seriously don't think the resin quality is as good as it used to be. It feels thin and plasticy and... he *squeaks*! :o So embarrassing.

      I don't want to sound as though I don't love him, because he is a seriously gorgeous sculpt and I'm delighted to have him at home. But I'm so surprised by the body.

      Has anyone else noticed this with Elfdoll resin?
    2. My Elfdoll girl squeaks, but I don't recall my Aden ever doing so. I think it's just because of how tightly they are strung.
    3. I just got my Aden head today! And I love him, but his eyes are tiny. Tinier than any of the other dolls in this house, so I don't have many eyes that aren't way too big for him. I have a pair of 14mm in him now and they don't look horrible, but I'm trying to make him look older, so I want to size down. Are 10mm or 12mm going to be too small, or should I stick with 14mm?

      I don't know if it's been said anywhere else, but when you order just a head from Elfdoll now, they send it with a head rest, which is really handy since he's going to be sharing bodies with my K for quite awhile. He won't have to live in a box.

      And even though it's an old topic, I'll concur that my Elfdoll girl (circa Nov-Dec 2008) squeaks. Like crazy. And I hate her knees, but I digress, since this is the Aden thread.
    4. Is Aden still available for purchase? And how do you get to be a member of Elfdoll? ;0; How much is he priced at?
    5. Aden will next be available during the order period in May. As to how to become a member of Elfdoll? Right now you can't, since they've closed membership. We aren't sure when or if they might open it up again. I hope they do, personally. I'd love to see even more Elfdolls around.

      The head alone was $100. I don't remember exactly how much it was for the full doll, but it was $500-ish.
    6. Thanks so much, Edtel. I'll be sure to keep an eye on this thread and the news section. ^_^ Good to know he'll be available later on.
    7. @Patrice S -- Thank you so much! :D
    8. I really like the full set, too. And I was tempted, but I'd have hated wiping that faceup since my plans for my head don't match the look the full set had.

      There's also an Aden on sale in the Marketplace now, or there was as of a few days ago. He was one of the full sets, if I remember correctly.