Elfdoll Rainy Boys Boots and Shoes - What Fits?

Feb 27, 2007

    1. My boy wears a pair of SD-13 boy's Dollheart upper-calf length boots (not quite knee high but close) I think these are a smaller pair or something because his feet and legs actually fit them really decently) and they fit fine?

      I have tried my friends' Luts boots and Souldoll boots on him before and maaan do they do some swimming on his little feet.

      But I guess too big is better than too small?
    2. Does anyone know where to find really tall converse-ish shoes for the Elfdoll Rainy boys? I'm thinking calf to knee highs. Or at least some high-tops?
    3. Dollmore sell the tall ones. I believe they're for girls so they should fit the RD boys (bless 'em).
    4. Ooh, they have a bunch of different colors in the slightly shorter styles too...thanks lunameth!
    5. Welcome! :D I also just got some from Ebay, the shorter style, so take a look!
    6. His feet are 73 mm and the shoes I find are really big on him - anyone know of a good place to get shoes that might fit?
    7. I have an Elfdoll Red, and it's hard to find shoes that are proportionate to his size. A lot of girl-sized shoes will fit him, actually. Try Dollheart, and I think Luts girl shoes will work. I do know that Leekeworld shoes for boys make him look like a little kid trying on daddy's shoes. (I am grateful that Cameron seems to like to go barefooted!)
    8. Believe it or not, based on measurements given on the page I ordered my short-body Red a pair of Dollmore MSD boots, and while they turned out to be a tad bit small, once they're laced up and he's standing there you can't tell. (Oh, I actually got them for him to wear with his uniform... which I need to remake/finish.)
      I wasn't worried about getting shoes that might be too small as the next doll to join my crowd is a mini.

      The sneakers I got him are from a party shop downtown, which unfortunately is no longer carrying the good sneaker key chains... they came in right and left shoes.
    9. This is very useful information,thank you! I am trying to find some plain back dress shoes and some black tennis shoes for a Mir Elfdoll, can anyone recommend a place to look? All the places I have tried are sold out of them.