Elfdoll Rainy Boys? General questions

May 23, 2007

    1. Waaai, the bellybuttons are so adorable!

      my elfdoll Wu was my first doll. Is a bellybutton an odd addition for a doll? Just curious. I assumed most/all dolls had them??
    2. It's common for dolls to have bellybuttons. :) That's why my friend and I were laughing when we didn't see them on Elfdolls -- but I suppose that's just because they are so subtle in photographs. :lol:
    3. I didn't found the info on any Elfdoll dealers or then I just simply missed it... What is the neck size for the boys? I have Reminisce K head and have been wondering that which body would fit. I only have Dollzone 1/3 and Model to compare and they both are 70-71 cm. And their bodies are way too big :sweat Would Dollzone 60 cm possibly fit for the head?
    4. The circumfrence measurement is about 10cm near where the head goes on. I'm not sure how thick the Dollzone's neckhole is, though... ^^a;
    5. I believe the Dollzone 60cm boys have a 10cm neck - the 70cm boys have an 11cm neck.

    6. I have a K head on a regular Domuya body, and I don't think the previous owner had done any mods to the body to get the head to fit. The resin doesn't match perfectly without blushing, though.

      A quick measurement of my Red's neck indicates it's 10 cm. The K head fits on it perfectly.
    7. Thanks for the answers! I tested my K on DZ 60 and it fitted quite well. Resin match is not perfect but I think that it will go with little bodyblush. Elfdoll has such brown resin o_o
    8. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me about how well they Elfdoll rainy boy bodies pose. I looked around and couldn't find any threads with the info, and I saw this and figured it would be a good place to post instead of starting a whole new thread.
    9. I can only speak for myself, but my Wu is a nugget to pose! *_*
      IE: The posability is not that great, but can pass with some sueding.
    10. Cool, thanks satoru.
    11. My Red (taller body) doesn't pose nearly as well as my Volks or SoulDoll boys. He doesn't have as much wrist or ankle flexibility, his elbows don't bend as close to a 90 degree angle, and even though I sueded his knees, it didn't help his knee stability. He's DARN lucky he's cute, or he would have been voted off the island! LOL!!

      On the good side, he sits up straight, which my SoulDoll boys can't do. And he has great head mobility. I LOVE his slender build and his long legs, he is taller than all my other boys, except my Dollzone 70cm.

      I'm willing to put up with his not-so-good posing, though, because the sculpt of his face and body is perfect for my character.

      By the way, be prepared for his tiny feet!! Only 7cm long.

      Linda S.
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    12. My short-body Wu is a solid poser, stands like a rock and holds poses well. Not the most flexible guy, but he will sit straight and not lean back like some dolls I have. He can't quite touch his face with his arms normally bent. Legs bend to 90 degrees. He'll lie on his side in the "harem" pose even though he only has one torso joint (below the waist). Very small feet, but his ankles are a lot more stable than the Elfdoll girls.

      Oh, and I think his sculpt is awesome and I love him very much. :)
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    13. O_O
      I've the same doll, but mine's a flop-meister even with sueding. Care to tell me your secret? XD;

    14. LOL, just lucky, I guess. He's not sueded, but he's strung realllllyyyy tight.

    15. satoru, my wu was a serious loosy goosy not too long ago. when i would lay him back and pick him up by the waist he would fold in half with no help from me at all. before going to dollectable i took him apart, blushed his body using msc and made sure to tightly restring him (finger breaking tight). he stands and poses like a dream now.
    16. Ahhh... Tight-restringing.... My worst nightmare... *remembering CP kicky legs*

      Well, it's worth a shot! ^__^ *runs off to restring the little monkey*
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    17. I have really tight stringing (well, not too tight, I don't want the hooks to come out) and sueding on my taller body and it stands quite well. I don't like that the arms have limited mobility, however the newest body that was released just after they redid all the default photos has double jointed elbows. I'm selling my boy's body so that I may get this new body later on.
    18. The joints seem to be designed differently, so the legs don't seem to get kicky. Good luck! :)
    19. Help! I've tried to restring my old body Wu (his legs were super loose) and it was a mess. I think I need new elastics now. How do I restring him when the elastics in his legs seem to just be connected to his feet without S-hooks. Is there a way I can take them out if need be? Also does anybody know the size of the elastic string because I want to buy from a local craft/doll store and not order it from overseas. Thanks!