Elfdoll Rainy girl Hazy

Feb 6, 2008

    1. My Mir is waiting for her ....
    2. Oh freakin' WOW!!!
      I think she needs to be on my wish list! :love
    3. I love her! She's the perfect companion to sweet Soah.
    4. Wow...she's amazing. I'd love to add her to my little family. Is she going into production for sure? Any dates? Estimates? (serial budgeter here)
    5. just amazingly lifelike....
    6. I want her! *_*
    7. that is one fabulous, fabulous face. Gosh she's beautiful.

      And personally I like the breasts... they do look a bit close together but the placement vertically is perfect. Some companies seem to think that you take an orange and cut it in half, and that looks like a boob. But these have the appropriate ... what word do I want. Gradation? slope up to the pectorals? They're lovely.

      But that face!! Wow. Heart.
    8. Hazy is such a beautiful sculpt. I am awed by your talent! I can't wait until she is released; she is definitely on my must have list! I love my Rainys!
    9. Hazy is beautiful. You do the most incredible sculpts.
    10. She's fantastic! I think i need to bring her home :) Any news about release dates?
    11. And I thought that Soah would be my only elf doll. My want/wish list grows longer.
    12. nice to meet you~~~~
    13. She has jumped to the top of my must have list. She's just incredible, hyper-realistic, actually Asian & a strong individual face, not just another pretty girl. She's one of the most amazing dolls I've seen lately. I'm already trying to save for her. And I'm very curious about the new body as well.
    14. If she will be released, she is on my wishlist for sure! I just wonder if she will be only in this skin color or also in other? (normal skin I am thinkin of )
    15. Rainman sculpts the most beautiful girls....she looks so amazingly real, and definitely has attitude!! :D
    16. Hi Rainman,

      I hope to be able to meet you in person someday! Any chance we could persuade you to come to the Elfdoll convention?
    17. oh my!!!! She is most beautiful doll girl I have ever seen.... I am speachless.
      Rainman, please make her as 60 sm girl, please...
      her body looks amazing too....
    18. I love the Elfdoll sculpts and from friend's dolls, I'm well aware of their quality too. I've been wanting to add one to my collection for some time now, but I've had difficulty making up my mind which one. After seeing this unique and amazing beauty, there is no doubt in my mind. I'm going to start saving for her immediately in hopes Rainman will put her into production as a 60cm. I'm absolutely stunned by her beauty and character.
    19. I love her eyes - she looks so human. She's as unique as my Mir, whose eyes I also adore. Thanks to Rainman for following his heart...
    20. I've just seen the color photograph - she's gorgeous! Yikes, I've got to pay off my CC before she's released! She'll be my first big girl. (I just love Elfdolls :)