Elfdoll Rainy girl Hazy

Feb 6, 2008

    1. im new to this but shes really lovely, will you post pics when you get her.
    2. Are you on a Mac, Stella Maris? The pictures work for me at work, but at home on my Mac they were blank! My resourceful husband clicked on the blank space and downloaded them in some manner, and that way they could be wieved... Not sure how he did it, though. :(
    3. Now that I've seen the color picture... WOW! Can she be cast in that color? Pretty please?
    4. I don't have Mac, but the pics work for me in Internet explorer and doesn't work in Opera
    5. if the color photo is correct, Hazy looks like a tan resin doll! I think she is just fabulous, and I'm always amazed by rainman's sculpts. She reminds me a little bit of Limhwa's Heartbreak Boy, who was never put in production.

      i'll be sure to put some money aside to bring her home. i just love her. thank you, Rainman.
    6. Yes I am on a Mac, and not so very resourceful!
    7. She seems so alive! This girl takes BJD's to a whole new level.
    8. Looks like the torso joint is right under the bust on the new body ~ like on Unon. It's a beautiful face, but I am dying to see what he's doing with the new body sculpt!! Someone said something about a colour photo? Where can I see it?
    9. Ooo very real. I like how under her eyes is puffy.
    10. I really want her. Plz post new info as it becomes available.
    11. Here's what you do:

      Place the cursor arrow in the blank space where the content would be. Drag-drop the "blank space" to your desktop. That snags the picture (the whole page - photos and text - is one single bitmap picture) and downloads it to your desktop. Now you can view it in Previews at your leisure...
    12. Thank you so much, The Dragon.
    13. That's my resourceful and helpful husband! :D

      twigling, the colour picture is posted by Rainman on the first page of this thread. He's also posted the same picture in the Gallery.
    14. Maybe Rainman needs to know how many people will buy her because from what I hear, making a tan doll is very difficult. Could we make a poll to see?
    15. Very resourceful and helpful, Quiet Queen!

      I think this new girl will look great in a variety of skin tones, and, dare I say it, might make a great boy as well...
    16. Finally got around to taking a look (I'm usually at work so I avoid boob pics)...

      She's really stunning. I like the realism. Many of the Elfdoll girls look a little too "fashion doll" for my taste, but this one is marvelous. Beautiful breasts. Overall she reminds me of Domuya Fin :)
    17. has it been confirmed anywhere that she is tan? (I assumed it was just a high saturation photo)
    18. I spoke with a very nice lady today and she told me that Hazy is tan, and all of the plans aren't set in stone as of yet but she will be release in March as a full set w/clothing, face-up, and wig. She said the price is still undetermined but it may be around $750 so get your money right. Hopefully they lower that price. There will only be 100 of her sold. Her body is a new sculpt and it isn't the old RURU body. That's all I can remember from the convo but I will post more if anything comes to mind. Remember she said the plans aren't set yet and there may be changes.
    19. She is absolutely gorgeous!!