Elfdoll Rainy girl Hazy

Feb 6, 2008

    1. I am new to BJDs...and had only intended to purchase one, Lydia, just to play around with. But then I had an opportunity for Sooah and couldn't pass her up...and said that was absolutely IT, no more. But seeing this beautiful face...I would be VERY tempted. She is so very beautiful in an exotic way. I must say, I love Rainman's work....
    2. RROSS,

      Do you remember if that was 100 Full set limited edition dolls, before Basic dolls would be released or a 100 Full set limited edition dolls period?



      I hope you will at least consider releasing basic dolls of Hazy.

    3. She is gorgeous so now I'm hoping that she'll eventually be released in NS or BW since I have issues with seam lines.
    4. Interesting that it is a tan doll.. Wonder if it will be dark like RURU... Her body is one of the best of the Elfdoll bodies....
    5. I asked if she would come in a basic and she said that they weren't planning on it but it's a possibility.
    6. She's looks so real!! I'm in love! :D
    7. She's a beautiful sculpt and I've already asked my dealer to put me on the list when she becomes available. I might have to reconsider if she only comes in tanned version. I don't like the fact that you can't sand tanned dolls and I hate seams. I wonder if the color will be mixed in the resin rather than coated. The beautifully sanded seams Elfdoll provides is one of the biggest selling points IMO, second to the beautiful facial sculpts.

      I already have a name and character picked out for Hazy! I was hoping if they were going to release her with darker skin it would be homme like Mir and K.

    8. I prefer normal skin myself.

    9. I really love how realistic she looks, and that skin-color! Beautiful. I love how her nose is just slightly hooked. Oh, she'd make a beautiful native american girl.
    10. I agree with Patrice S. I also would want a WS Hazy. My Ruru has slight seams and cannot be sanded smoother. But she is so beautiful that one must overlook a few edges. I'd like to stop acquiring but Rainman is working against me. His sculpts are just too beautiful and giving Reminisce faces is very generous. Now, if Esheki had set in eyes and a wigcap, I'd get him too. And he wouldn't be banned here.
    11. I would like to have her in Natural skin. She's so pretty!!! I'm in love but I don't think I can afford her if she's an special edition :(
    12. WOW! I saw the photos of her last night. She's absolutely amazing! What an incredibly beautiful doll.

      I love Rainman's sculpts! :aheartbea
    13. What do you think? Not a bad likeness? ;)
      (I was going to try to find a photo with the same expression, but I've been sick and haven't felt like digging them out. When I get to feeling better and find a better picture...)


    14. So..mPy.. does this mean that you are getting her lol? She does look like you.
    15. Oh yes.;) I already told Dolls and Friends to put me down for one. For them to just let me know when she's available to pre-order.

      I had been thinking of getting a DIM Minimee, but I don't think I need too now? What do you think?

    16. Well I guess it depends on if you want a full set doll or just a head. This body is a brand new sculpt too. Maybe when they release more pics you can make a definite decision. I am gonna make a call tomorrow to be put on a list too.
    17. So she IS that color? Oh lawd. : D I might have to save my pennies for this one!
    18. LOL right, thats how I feel.
    19. Holy cow! She's dead on! Both the doll and you are gorgeous!
    20. I feel the need to bring back my Simone character with this doll. Goodness mPy you do look like this doll amazing!