Elfdoll Rainy (Large) Discussion Part 4

Mar 26, 2019

    1. Please, give me an advice. Anyone experience with Elfdoll homme skin (Tasha) and Granado nuevo (normal skin) girl body? I found some reference but I'm confused about new/old resin...
    2. @Arengil the proportions are good but the resin match is way off, unfortunately. I wish I could find a good match for homme skin :(
    3. @Alewife Thank you. Oh... That's bad news... The blushing is not helpful? ...or maybe Granado willing to adjust the color of their skin?? I'm afraid I fell in love with this Elfdoll head + Granado body connection.
    4. I really like how Elfdoll heads look on Granado bodies. I have several hybrids like that. Homme skin is difficult. It's pinker than Granado tan... darker than NS... much lighter than sunshine... *_*

      I wonder if it would work to use Granado tan and blush the head so it's not as pink??
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    5. They do. Granado offers custom resin matching, at least they did last time I checked. It won't hurt to ask them :)
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    6. @Alewife Yes, it's challenge...
      @Jany That's good news, thank you :)
    7. I am also currently in the progress of finding a body for my homme Hazy boy, but am leaning towards resinsoul at the moment. He's on a B&G body at the moment, but the match is poor. Thankfully there is no hurry with dolls.
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    8. I just did this "tutorial" to show what I've done to match bodies and heads. Maybe it will give you the courage to try something? I'd go for a slightly darker body, and match the head to it during faceup (only works if there is no faceup yet)
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    9. I'll likely get the head airbrushed if the color fit doesn't end up happening since I already have one matched that way and the look is pretty nice and I don't feel comfortable doing faceups. But thankfully there is no hurry and I can keep on thinking about it while I work on other doll plans for now.

      At least it'll give me time to think more about what kind of body I'd actually want. I have some thoughts, but nothing super definitive. RS would be ok, since the doll isn't going to be posed much and mainly just sit around fully clothed. And they'd be able to resin match so that the parts that are visible would match up.
    10. I hope it turns out amazingly. Good luck :)
    11. [​IMG]
      Tasha rem. homme s. // Granado nuevo NS. Not so bad... I don't know how old is this body... (not mine, owner: Rolnička). The head is darker. Sorry about bad photo...
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    12. I really like that body. She looks good there :D
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    13. Can anyone here tell me the neck size of a K? I'm really wanting a K head to hybrid but I can't find the neck size anywhere.
    14. Hi! Back in the day, Elfdoll posted the neck circumference of both their boy bodies (standard and larger) as 10cm. So that at least gives you an idea, although I do not have a K to measure for you. Hope it helps!
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    15. I have a K, so I might be able to help :)



      Sorry if it's not accurate (multitasking is hard :lol:) but it shows 3cm and 2.5cm respectively (idk which one to choose but maybe showing both would help more), so @Mandagore is right, neck circumference should be about 10cm!
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    16. @Mandagore and @Dead!
      Thank so much!

      Also Dead!, it's because of your K specifically that I am wanting a K head. I saw yours and fell in love with the sculpt.
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    17. Omg, you are just too kind :atremblin I'm so honoured and so glad he's inspired you to get a K yourself! I would love to see yours in the future!! :love
    18. Yep guys, count me as your K club fangirl then!^^
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