Elfdoll Rainy (Large) Discussion Part 4

Mar 26, 2019

    1. I bought a NS Elfdoll Rita head on Etsy. What would be a good body for it to match colour and proportion?
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    2. I keep seeing this thread pop up, and so I thought I’d finally share my Bambu. She still doesn’t have a proper name.
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    3. @blackdahlia I like Supia bodies (the regular ones, not the ballerina body), or Granado maiden bodies. NS is a pretty good match, but if you have one of the super-pink Ritas, it might be a challenge. :sweat

      @Pandy thanks for sharing your Bambu! She's a real rarity!
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    4. Thanks! I love the Bambu sculpt, I’m so happy I have a complete one to share. I wish more people would post pictures of theirs, but at least I have one to admire.
    5. Hi there! I've always been in love with old Rainman's sculpts and have Eun-A boy living with me for 7 years already^^ And, as we finally received his brand new blue jeans, which we were waiting since March from Korea, I'd like to share a pic of my darling vampire ♥‿♥

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    6. Adorable, @Ha-Neul and those jeans fit perfectly, love 'em!

      @Pandy I don't know why I didn't see your post. But your Bambu is so cute and realistic looking, which I love. For some reason, I think of a perky tom boyish name, like Kelly???
    7. IngieBee
      Thank you so much!^^
      Nine9Style jeans are my ultimate favourite since ancient times =*_____*=
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    8. Does anyone have a Rainy head (Tasha/Vivian/or similar) on the Dollstown 17 girl body?
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    9. Do you think copper oriental Dollstown/Dollshe skin color is similar to Elfdoll homme skin?
    10. I own both copper oriental and elfdoll homme skin. I never did the comparison, but I fear they are not very similar. Sadly I do not have my dollstown elf body in copper oriental at home, so I can't take a comparison picture, sorry !
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    11. I was just looking over this thread....thanks to all who mentioned hybrids that work!
    12. That's fine, I choose between an oriental DT17 and copper oriental DT17 body for my Tasha (homme skin) and this is very useful information for me! Thank you very much! So do you think the oriental 17yr body will be a better (blushable) choice for her?
    13. Unless the head already has a beautiful faceup, I would blush the head to the body???
    14. Do you think it is possible to lighten the head? If is homme resin darker than DT oriental... She is supposed to be a Nordic goddess, so paleness will probably be fine. My only concern is the practical design of the painting.:sweat I'm not skilled, but at the same time I want to do it for my Tasha myself.

      @Pandy Your Bambu is very beautiful! I like her sweet and realistic face.
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    15. Well, I've changed a "normal" R&R head to a no darker yellow Loongsoul resin. Can you see it here?


      I can't remember, but I think I lightened up my Anna to match Impldoll pink normal which is a lot lighter. And I can say that Angeltoast matched a new luts delf body to my older CP luts head (lightened the head) I'm sure she used a airbrush but I used white pastel chalk.
    16. @IngieBee Thank you for your inspiration! I'll try it. I'll probably want to paint the details of the body anyway, so if I paint both, I'll have a better chance of combining it into a single color tone. Good luck to the brave collectors! :)
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    17. hope it works for you :D
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    19. @IngieBee Thank you! :aheartbea
      Originally, my idea included the Granado Nuevo body, but this DT17 oriental body is better for her. I love my Nordic goddess so much!
      Of course, she needs a light faceup and blush...