Elfdoll Tinies Going Limited starting Nov. 15, 2006

Nov 9, 2006

    1. Yes, I am thinking Min twin! And this new Jin is very appealing! I couldn't bring myself to get the sad one, sad/angry dolls don't make me happy!
    2. very nice
      I dont think they have changed the moulds ...they look the same to me , just the face-ups
      I definalty prefere the new Jin

      the Old Jin I always felt her eyebrows were slapped on
      its given me something to work on now ...my Jin will definalty be getting a new face-up now this new girl is lovely

      Bong ....looks just like my Pippin , *_*

      Edit for a thought
      I only hope they wont release them in a set of 3 ?
      that would be terrible ...
    3. Ok this is bad I like like all three. If I had to choose one though I'm now leaning towards bong she looks so happy.

      Does special edition mean they are selling all three with the bench and mailbox?
    4. thats what crossed my mind when I saw it
      and I thought of the Winky/Wendy set

      ...time will tell
    5. Wow I saw the new ones in the banner on Elfdoll.com and they look so peaceful now! Lovely faceups but less emotional.

    6. You know your statement made me think the sisters went through therapy while they were gone. :lol:

      The new faceups do make them look so peaceful. Goes to show how a faceup can change a doll
    7. I think the sculpts were tweaked a tiny bit, too......but that could just be the Faceup Illusion! I am very impatiently waiting for the website to update. It's April 5 in my part of the world!
    8. yeah in my part of the world it is april 6th since 40 minutes, and after my counting in south korea it is now april 6th 7:40 AM
      *tries to wait patiently*

      and i hope they won't be released in a set, i couldn't afford them then :(
      *thinks positive again* :D

      btw, what does it say in the pop-up when you go on elfdoll.com? i did change firefox to allow pop-ups from their page, but still every time when i go on, an empty pop-up appears for 1 second and then disappears..
    9. Ordering is open now!!! The sisters are sold individually, and you can order the bench scene, too (as a "base").

      Little Min will be coming home to live with DoDo, Sylph, and Lyn, at my house! I am very excited since I've wanted her for such a long time!

    10. It's faceup illusion. I just went through a ton of pics of the old Jin/Min/Bong comparing to the new ones. Only the makeup/hair looks different, especially on Jin. Huge change there. Bong is probably the most similar. I will probably end up getting an oldstyle Jin as well, I love her fretful face. I'll have Jin twins ;)

      You can get them with or without the bench set, it's $55 as an add-on. Jin and Bong are now packing their little bags for their stint in Troop Tiny.
    11. Clochette ...your encourageable LOL

      I only had my Jin arrive last week ..so Im happy with my old 3 girls

      but I will definalty be having Jins face-up done again
      the new Jin is a show stopper

      and I love their new outfits
    12. *hyperventilates*
      a Min will be with me :aheartbea :aheartbea :aheartbea

      i had planned to get her at dollsandfriends maybe, but when i saw there is only 50, i couldn't wait!

      good luck everyone, and wow, i am on clouds, i can't believe it (and i took money from my savings, butbut, i HAD to) :o :love
    13. I ordered a Min too! My dollie family is growing by leaps and bounds - I'll need to update my signature because this will be #3! I'm ashamed to say it, but I had already bought an AG minis room box, just on the hope that tinies might be released again. :)
    14. Another thing - I wonder why the re-release of these tinies isn't in the news area? Or is it old news and I just missed it?
    15. This is wonderful news! I love the new faceup on Jin. I have a Jin who needs a faceup - so I think I might try to do something like that (or have someone else do it for me).

      I want to buy a Min. I guess I better decide soon! Only 50.

      Edit: I ordered a Min! YAY!
    16. LOL...guess you could say that.

      Dolls and Friends only had Jin left in the oldstyle, so I ordered her. Naughty me. I was afraid she'd sell out like her sisters did.
    17. i would like to ask here too (the question came up in the "waiting room")

      does any of you still remember the story of the tiny elfdolls? kboyd912 said that she heard that the Monnaemi sisters each had a story!
      did anyone save this text, and pictures, any descriptions that were available (on elfdoll.com maybe) when they were first released? or also the other elfdoll tinies?

      i like such info and tidbits, i love to read all that i can find about the doll i'm getting :D
    18. to you all, denverdoll is selling the base only, if anyone wanted only that!

      and a question, do you think rainman will make additional parts like legs with shoes again now that the monnaemi sisters are out once more?

      i had ordered the mary janes and boots parts from dollsandfriends, but kathy wrote me back that sadly they were all sold out just before my order.
      i would have loved those mary janes and boots... (or is there another company that still has them, which i am not aware of?)
    19. It's so cool that Elfdoll is releasing these little sisters. I really like little Min. She is so cute :)