EOSdoll (formerly Limhwa) Discussion.

May 29, 2011

    1. Ashbet, I would be very surprised if she put one of her heads on another company's body. But I do agree that the body looks a lot like Ip lusciousness. Fine by me.

      Also, the skeleton new site has a section for 60cm. So, I suspect that these beautiful new women might be this height. Everso slightly larger than the previous dolls, but probably too small for me. Personally, I think it is a shame that she didn't go the whole hog and make them 65-68cm, to be good consorts for all the 70cm boys out there. But there ya go. I still might find a role for a shortarse in my troupe.
    2. According to the last caption, it's a new body.
    3. I hope they'll be releasing their old dolls as well. I want a ghostly white Mono. :(
    4. I hope we can still get the old bodies as well. The new girl is an absolute must have -- but I'd still like to get the Half-Elf girl I've pined for over some time now.

      It may be that she has a contract with Dollfair that isn't up yet that doesn't allow her to list the older/others yet?
    5. I actually got an email from Limhwa that said that she's considering making the older sculpts on the new body (which is double jointed)... or so I understood. Hopefully that will be the case because I want a Half Elf too. From her email it seems like the only thing she is waiting on is finding someone fluent in Korean who can communicate with her and handle the overseas sales / support.

      We'll see. At least I'm happy she's not just closing down.
    6. I hope the old body can be acquired, too. It is just so incredibly beautiful. I'll have to stalk the MP otherwise. ;)
    7. I am so happy Limhwa will still be around! And the new girls are looking gorgeous and the new body looks promising, a little taller and double jointed so hopefully a better poser. I even like the idea of having the older heads on it also as Ros -- my Half Elf -- could always use a little more height.;) But I too hope the old body will still be available, as it is the most gorgeous body out there in my opinion.
    8. I have more news for all of you who want to order. I emailed Limhwa again asking about purchasing a Tan Limhwa Half Elf and this is the response that I got, on quote:

      Very exciting news indeed.
    9. I really like the new body and I agree it does look very similar to the EID and SID bodies!
    10. The new body is gorgeous. Double jointed and yet finely sculpted -- that's how I've always dreamed. I could do with a smaller bust though (don't really like girls with large bust) but nonetheless she is gorgeous. (Although the rear looks a bit strange... but I suppose she will sit like a champ!)
    11. I am so happy!! Can't wait to see more, I hope to get one of these lovely ladies, the new bodies look amazing!
    12. OH my gosh I am DYING over those legs... no one does legs so well as Limhwa (always be Limhwa in my heart) in my opinion. :aheartbea With the exception of Unoa..
    13. I agree, twilight! That's one of my all time favorite things about Limhwa's girl...those LEGS!!! I only wish mine were anywhere near as shapely as hers ;)
    14. Ohhhhh what a gorgeous body! I need another ToYou Sara but man... haha
    15. These are great news!! I was worried if Limhwa was going to stop their business because of the Dollfair problems, but wow, what a great turn on the table 8D I really liked the new body, too... but I think it's a bit too mature for me. In my opinion, the old 57cm body was already very mature, with it's big breasts and the curvy shape... and already a bit hard to get clothes for, if I may say... So I think I'll stay with the old body.. I just would really like if the artist made an upgrade to the 57cm girls too, just changing the body to double jointed like she did with the 43 girls. The smal body is incredibly beautiful, and looks like a good poser also, so, why change so much? I hope if she makes a new body for the 57cm girls, it will be just like the 43cm one... same aesthetics, but double jointed ^^

      And horray! Long live Limhwa! Or EOS :3
    16. This is so true. Ahem, to illustrate the point.;D I am also so very glad to see the new legs looking as good as the old.
    17. Wow, it’s refreshing to see a nicely proportioned torso on a bjd female body (finally!),
      although it could just be the angle of those photos. I have a soft spot for Limwha sculpts,
      but I hope she doesn’t release a male doll (or I’m doomed!). If she does I hope the body
      is as proportioned and realistic as this one (so I can update my Mano’s body to a less stylized one). XB
      I would love to see an updated body for Mono as well (maybe then I can give up and finally
      get myself one).

      - Enzyme
    18. This is great news. I really wanted to get Leda but gave up given the dollfair debacle and bought a Minifee instead. Now I'll have to start saving all over again! But I'm really happy there's still a chance I might actually get Leda after all!