EOSdoll (formerly Limhwa) Discussion.

May 29, 2011

    1. Just popping by with some Ros, all dressed up for Halloween, spam. I attended my local meet-up this past weekend and dressed a group of my big girls up as witches and of course Ros was their supreme.:wiggle
      Happy (almost) Halloween.
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    2. She's stunning!! I sadly haven't dressed up any of my dolls, but that's okay, they're still lovely in their normal outfits haha. I really should take pictures of Holly again...
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    3. Thank you! To be honest, I took the easy route for Halloween “costumes” and just dressed her in all black and called her a witch.:wiggle And you should post more pics of your girl.
    4. Ash is here at last. The half elf sculpt has quickly risen to the status of 'maybe all-time fave' for me. She's just effortlessly gorgeous.

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    5. Wow @rianne she sure is 0,0 Congrats!
      What do you think of the two types of bodies now that you have both (I think?)?
    6. @T4124 The single joint is a much better poser (especially with sueding). She just looks good no matter what, while the double jointed body has the kind of stiffness that most double jointed bodies do (plus the boob joint is, like most boob joints, useless for natural torso posing). I love the compact curves of the new body though, and the sculpting is still absolutely top notch. The proportions are to die for, and she feels a lot more substantial than the single jointed girl. Basically, I love both, and I'm super happy to have one of each. But they're definitely proof that 'more' engineering doesn't mean better engineering.
    7. More Ash goodness for the thread ^^

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    8. Both half elfs together at last!

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    9. What a lovely pair!
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    10. I just discovered this company and their dolls are so beautiful! :D I would definitely like to have one in my collection someday.
    11. hiya- just jumpin in here cause... woohooo I got a girl as well. And she gonna get the new body :-) waiting for her to come home
    12. @greeneyed-soul congrats! These girls need way more love than they get.

      Some more Ash with her ear makeup showing.

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    13. Congrats on the order! Which head sculpt did you get??
      She's so pretty!
    14. now the decision is made as I wish to have another tiny doll- am gonna get a Limhwa to you Mari. Could anybody tell which eyesize she needs or do they ship the dolls with suitable eyes?
    15. I love limhwa dolls i wish to have more
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    16. Welp, after much convincing from my boyfriend, I purchased an Elly. I was sooo not planning on a doll right now so I have to buy all the things! At least I know what I want her to look like.
    17. Congrats, Mirrin, that's great! Please show her here when she comes, I do not know many Ellys!^^
    18. Thanks, Mandagore! I definitely will.
    19. [​IMG]

      She's here! I got her with the default faceup since that was the only option they had at the time. It'll do for now! I'm so happy to finally have an Elly. She's such a pretty doll. And, boy, do I love her hands. They're just so pretty!
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